You’ve seen the floor plan and views. And now, plugged-in people are treated to a trio of peeks from inside the deconstructed penthouse atop 1170 Sacramento (#19C).
Have we mentioned the views?
1170 Sacramento #19C Hits The MLS As A Shell [SocketSite]

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by mike

    That will be a great apartment when its done (and if they keep some of the open floor plan)

  2. Posted by Gregg Lynn


  3. Posted by Ryan

    Wow. That’s not that much space once you start putting up some walls, and a decent kitchen. I was sure this place was a lot bigger than this. Guess not.

  4. Posted by sfrenegade

    So there are five penthouse condos in this building? It looks like #19B sold in Feb 2009 for $3.125M per MLS, after being listed originally for $4.9M in June 2008. #19A apparently sold in 1989 (peak of the market?) for $1.25M.
    I also see #19D and #20A. Does anyone know what #19D and #20A are? At least one appears to be owned by the condo association, possibly both.
    Also, where is the deeded guest apartment that comes with this?
    To Ryan’s point, 2800+ sqft is not that small.

  5. Posted by Ryan

    I’m not sure if it’s actually 2800 sq/ft (I could be wrong) since the 19th floor units have the surrounding balconies that eat up a lot of square footage compared to the units below. Also the elevator vestibule and emergency staircase take up a lot of room in this unit so that’s a factor versus using the building footprint as an indicator of the units sq/ft. At this price $2k a sq/ft plus reno costs would make it a pretty impressive comp…

  6. Posted by sfrenegade

    Ryan — I’m just going on the listing here which says 2814 sqft, which also agrees with the tax record. From what I see the standard unit sizes on other floors appears to be:
    A: 2027 sqft
    B: 1961 sqft
    C: 2052 sqft
    D: 2780 sqft
    #19A appears to be 1612 sqft. #19B appears to be 1999 sqft. #19D appears to be 1295 sqft. That suggests the balconies on the 19th floor took up 1100 sqft if the floor plate is the same. #20A, whatever it is, appears to be 1310 sqft.

  7. Posted by ex SF-er

    even I would hesitate to put up walls in this place, and I hate lofts!
    Impressive space IMO.
    I’d love to see the after (and hope we will some day on SS).

  8. Posted by formerly%whatever

    Very nice.
    Question: Is the “on-sight” management always at work? Or only when you’re looking at them?

  9. Posted by Jim

    Standard floors in 1170 have 4 more or less equally sized units. There are two elevator cores (one for A and B and one for C and D). There is a fire stair at the north and south ends of the building.
    The 19th floor has three units. About 60% of the total floorplate is divided into two units facing Huntington Park (south) (A and B). The other 40% is this single unit facing north (C). The servants’ apartments are on the lowest floor/semi-basement.

  10. Posted by GR

    I looked at a condo in this building in 1988. Asking price then: $1,000,000. Owner had died, leaving the condo (free & clear) to one of the doormen – who had listed it for sale. The doorman was handsomely rewarded for excellent service, I’d say!

  11. Posted by eddy

    Pending per agent site.

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