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It was two and a half years ago that we first plugged you in to the plans for 26 new units at 1840 Washington and a year ago when construction commenced. And while we managed some rough renderings last year, we now have the inside scoop on the latest rendering above and most of the floor plans below:

The building is expected to be construction complete mid-September and will yield eighteen (18) two-bedrooms, six (6) one-bedrooms, and two (2) three-bedroom penthouses with private 600 square foot terraces.

One car parking and same-floor storage for each unit while a rooftop terrace with built-in BBQ will be shared. Prices have yet to be set, you’ll be the first to know when they are.

16 thoughts on “1840 Washington: Rendering, Timeline And Floor Plan Scoop”
  1. I like the penthouses. I am concerned about storage in the other unit floor plans. In general, the common area portion looks efficiently designed.

  2. This is classic rendering porn. When, ever, do plants spill from the roof of a building? MOMA here cancelled a few trees.
    And speaking of trees, those render-porn trees are just that: rendered. They don’t exist except maybe on the African plains.
    My gut says this building will be uh-uh-glee.

  3. The storage space is miserable. The spaces are very, very tight. Tough luck if you’ve got a vacuum cleaner, an ironing board and a few extra clothes.

  4. It looks like guests have to walk through a bedroom in order to get to a bathroom. I wouldn’t like that at all.

  5. Bitch bitch bitch. Jeez!
    interesting construction with this building. Looks like its all steel and concrete. Even the floor joists are metal. There’s been a massive crane parked on the street for months lifting the prefabbed steel systems for the building.

  6. “interesting construction with this building. Looks like its all steel and concrete. Even the floor joists are metal.”
    Why is that interesting? It’s an 8-story building.

  7. I’ll believe those babylonian draping plants when I see them, and same for the trees magically rising and spreading their wings with relation to the perspective manipulation in the render porn.
    And in ten years, I will admire how the beige exterior will look dirty as an exhaust pipe on a bio-diesel.

  8. Why biodiesel? Shouldn’t it be regular diesel because regular diesel doesn’t burn as cleanly and has more particulate emissions?

  9. Because I have never seen a modular steel building being put together. I have also never seen a building using metal floor joists – not steel girders – but actual metal joists, like metal wall studs.

  10. Went through the building and loved all the floor plans especially the penthouses – great views. Finishing is better than most comparable condos around. A definite yes for new condo buyers.

  11. Very nice finishes and fixtures. Even Ann Sacks tile I think. They spent some money and it shows. Even quality windows. Floor plans are very personal: I liked the layouts. They would work for me. Take a look at the corner units…

  12. that’s right, bitch, bitch, bitch…before you even get the facts right. those of you complaining about the storage did not read that there are same floor external storage for each unit. definitely the only building in town that has this unique fixture. priceless!

  13. Indeed! External Storage assigned to each unit is an amazing feature for condo living! .. Only a global person who has lived in other parts of the world or country; such as New York or Japan or Hong Kong would appreciate the unique feature this building provides, “a safe INDIVIDUAL STORAGE ROOM”. WOW! Congratulations!

  14. Went through building today and there is extra storage right outside units – most convenient. Tasteful and quality finishing and fixtures are a plus to the convenient location. I think these units will sell fast especially in this hot market.

  15. Goodness, I hope you “went through the building.”
    All of you gushing commenters/spammers are connected with the sales office, so you should be “going through the building” every day.

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