Smitten Ice Cream: 3/28/11 (

It was a plugged-in reader that first caught the first few Proxy containers in transit with Smitten Ice Cream’s two leading the charge.

Smitten 3/28/11 (

Since anchored with systems and three of four “Kelvin’s” in place, it should be two-ish weeks before Smitten’s walk-up instant ice cream bar opens its roll-up door for the public.

The Containers Are Coming! The Containers Are Coming! [SocketSite]
The Evolution Of EnvelopeA+D’s Proxy Project For Parcels K+L [SocketSite]

7 thoughts on “The Smitten Ice Cream Scoop: T-Minus Two-ish Weeks”
  1. “What flavors do you have today?”
    “No chocolate?”
    “We have gray chocolate.”
    “What does it taste like?”
    “Same as gray vanilla. We also have a special flavor of the day — GrauBau”
    “What does that taste like?”
    “Same as gray vanilla.”

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