909 Tennessee

While the Board of Supervisors approved the sale for $1,310,000, it appears that the high bidder for the former firehouse at 909 Tennessee will not be following through on the purchase and the building will be put back out for bid.

7 thoughts on “Winning Bid For Firehouse At 909 Tennessee Goes Up In Flames”
  1. maybe DpgpatchSF, self-identified as the winning bidder in the earlier thread, will come in and enlighten us as to the circumstances.

  2. Bummer. DpgpatchSF’s intentions seemed good. I wonder if some defect was revealed during escrow.

  3. Lemme guess, he comes on here, reveals that “in his opinion” the building had some huge structural defects … building goes out for bid again with that new information publicly available, and he gets it for 1/2 price via a shill bidder.
    Worth a shot, anyway.

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