909 Tennessee

As a plugged-in reader first reported the day the nine sealed bids for 909 Tennessee were opened and read aloud, the highest bid came in at $1,310,000 from a current property owner in Dogpatch.

And among the items in front of today’s San Francisco Board of Supervisors meeting, a resolution approving the sale of the former firehouse.

11 thoughts on “$1,310,000 Is Bid For 909 Tennessee And The Board Says…”
  1. And will we promptly see the demolition of this building for more banal condos? Probably. It’s a sad day when a great city goes broke and sells off it’s architectural heritage.

  2. It was Moe, He’s a pretty well known dogpatch resident.
    I think his full name is Moe Moneythanbrains.

  3. Interesting number; higher than I would have guessed.
    I considered bidding on this, but the two years and an additional million in renovations pushed me away.

  4. I was the winner of the auction and no, there will be no demolishing the structure, I bought the building because I’ve loved it for nearly two decades and want to both preserve and extend it.
    It’s an amazing unique property in a neighborhood I’ve lived in (on that block and on that street) I’m already invested in and I love.

  5. @plugged in reader
    Any block, anywhere, should be so lucky. I guess Socketsite will update on any changes – is the building commercial space?

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