909 Tennessee

As a plugged-in reader first reported the day the nine sealed bids for 909 Tennessee were opened and read aloud, the highest bid came in at $1,310,000 from a current property owner in Dogpatch.

And among the items in front of today’s San Francisco Board of Supervisors meeting, a resolution approving the sale of the former firehouse.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by bummed

    And will we promptly see the demolition of this building for more banal condos? Probably. It’s a sad day when a great city goes broke and sells off it’s architectural heritage.

  2. Posted by diemos

    If the city wills it so.
    No one ever really owns their property in SF.

  3. Posted by cy

    Anyone know who the bidder was?

  4. Posted by tipster (not a serious post)

    It was Moe, He’s a pretty well known dogpatch resident.
    I think his full name is Moe Moneythanbrains.

  5. Posted by amused

    Interesting number; higher than I would have guessed.
    I considered bidding on this, but the two years and an additional million in renovations pushed me away.

  6. Posted by Ria Wise

    What a gorgeous facade! I hope whoever bought it will retain the exterior of the building.

  7. Posted by DpgpatchSF

    I was the winner of the auction and no, there will be no demolishing the structure, I bought the building because I’ve loved it for nearly two decades and want to both preserve and extend it.
    It’s an amazing unique property in a neighborhood I’ve lived in (on that block and on that street) I’m already invested in and I love.

  8. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    Thank you DpgpatchSF. Your dedication is appreciated.

  9. Posted by EH

    Now that’s the real SF, amirite?

  10. Posted by BH

    @plugged in reader
    Any block, anywhere, should be so lucky. I guess Socketsite will update on any changes – is the building commercial space?

  11. Outstanding DpgpatchSF! So happy to hear you plan to keep this architectural gem. Best wishes.

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