Pier 70 Project Area
With three days to go before the December 13 deadline, which was extended to December ten days before the original November 18 deadline, the deadline for developers to declare their intentions to compete for the development rights to San Francisco’s Pier 70 was just extended once again.
The new new dealine is now noon on Monday, January 10, 2011. Interns, you should now feel free to enjoy those holiday parties this weekend.
Pier 70 Deadline Extended (Prior To Any Punking) [SocketSite]
Now Calling All Developers For San Francisco’s Pier 70 [SocketSite]
JustQuotes: Bad Market, Then Back To Big Projects Like Pier 70 [SocketSite]

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Noask

    ok… what gives? sounds like no one is submitting RFPs. The list of folks who toured the property wasn’t exactly overwhelming. Is anyone interested in this?

  2. Posted by Inspector#3

    I envision a nameless, faceless maze of glass, steel and concrete like Mission Bay. The ghost of Christmas future.

  3. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    This is a bad omen for the project. Perhaps a better strategy would be to defer redevelopment until the economy has a clearer course towards recovery, attracting more bidders. It would be a shame to redevelop this huge site into a substandard development just because of an artificial timeline.

  4. Posted by nameless

    Needs more stucco.

  5. Posted by Louis

    MOD is right. if you cant get multiple folks to compete hard for this, then the city should just let it go till later. whatever deal they can do now with a developer will be long on promises, short on hard cash, and will have a lot of optionality– for the developer.
    developing this property will be the opposite of easy; its gonna take a lot of risk money and belief in economy.

  6. Posted by Dan

    The San Francisco Veteran’s Hospital at Fort Miley as been examining a move to Mission Bay, but now there’s no land left. How about here?

  7. Posted by Big V

    I suspect that it is being delayed because of the ongoing changing of plans for the america’s cup bid. The relocation further north is probably causing anyone who is interested in pier 70 to take a moment and reexamine their plans.

  8. Posted by silicon socket

    There is only so much land in SF, and it will be successfully developed sooner or later.

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