Octavia Parcel J
As we wrote last month:

In addition to the City’s sale of 909 Tennessee (the next tour of which will be October 12 at 2 pm), two of the City’s Octavia Boulevard parcels are on the block and seeking bids.

The minimum bid for the 11,275 square foot Parcel H on the southwest corner of Gough and Grove is $2,950,000 while the minimum bid for the 17,398 square foot Parcel J on the north side of Hayes between Gough and Octavia is $4,450,000.

Sealed bids on the two parcels are due by October 26. Both parcels are zoned for mixed use housing under the Market Octavia Plan.

Parcel H ended up selling for three million while Parcel J sold for five. And with respect to 909 Tennessee, its last open house is scheduled for Tuesday, November 9 at 2:00 PM.
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One thought on “The Prices For Hayes Valley Parcels H And J”
  1. $255/SF on the dirt, that’s reasonable. I have a deal marketed at $300/SF on the dirt, but is significantly smaller (thus the higher price) and in an equally good area. I am sure the City will get the asking of $255/SF, but not much more.
    [Editor’s Note: As reported above: “Parcel H ended up selling for three million while Parcel J sold for five (million).”]

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