2001 Market Street Rendering

As we noted yesterday with respect to the proposed Whole Foods on Market, the 2001 Market Street Project in which the Whole Foods would reside is currently scheduled to be reviewed and voted on by the Planning Commission in December.
The latest details for the now 82-unit project with 41 residential parking spaces, and up to 60 for retail, which were just released:

The proposed building would be eight stories (85 feet) tall, plus an additional ten‐foot tall mechanical penthouse along Market Street and an elevator penthouse along Dolores Street, and would step down to four stories at 14th Street. The top two floors along Dolores Street and along 14th Street would be set back eight feet from the property line. The building would include about 102,400 gross square feet (gsf) of residential space with 82 residential units on Floors 2 through 8 and a dedicated residential lobby; about 31,000 gsf of commercial space on the first floor; and about 54,000 gsf of combined retail and residential parking on two levels with up to 101 spaces.

The building would have three sections: the 85‐foot tall 118‐foot wide Market Street section on its north side (the tallest element); the 302‐foot wide Dolores Street section, which would be the same height as the Market Street section but with an 8‐foot setback at 65 feet; and the 136‐foot wide 14th Street section (four stories tall with an 8‐foot set back at the third floor). Each section is designed to be visually distinct from the others.

A variety of materials would be used for the building exterior, including brick, tile, metal, glass, and cement plaster. An approximately 8,220 sq. ft. courtyard on the third floor podium would provide common usable open space for all the residential units.

Of the 82 planned units, 7 would be studios, 27 would be one‐bedroom units, 46 would be two-bedroom units, and 2 would be three‐bedroom units. Pursuant to the Residential Inclusionary Housing Ordinance, Planning Code Section 315, and Interim Controls initiated by the Board of Supervisors in February 2010 amending Planning Code Section 315,2 the project sponsor would be required to pay an affordable housing fee.

As currently envisioned, the proposed 31,000 sq. ft. retail/commercial space would be occupied by a full‐service grocery store (Whole Foods). A pedestrian entrance and exit for the retail space would be In addition to the 101 parking spaces, there would be five car share spaces and one delivery van space located at the corner of Market and Dolores streets. An approximately 350‐square‐foot commercial space would be located at the corner of 14th and Dolores streets at ground level.

The proposed parking program would include up to 101 spaces, of which 41 spaces on Garage Level B2 would be for the residential units and 60 parking spaces on Garage Level B1 would be for retail use.

The residential vehicle access leading down to Garage Level B2 would be located on 14th Street, approximately at the mid-point of the building façade. Adjacent, just to the west of that opening, would be the retail loading dock, which would have recycling and trash facilities for the grocery store. The retail parking entry and exit would be on Dolores Street, about 40 feet north of the corner of 14th Street.

Garage Level B1 also would have space for a grocery delivery van and three non‐exclusive use car share spaces. Garage Level B2 would have two exclusive‐use car share spaces. Six of the parking spaces would be handicapped‐accessible: three residential parking spaces on Garage Level B2, and three retail parking spaces on Garage Level B1. All parking spaces on both levels would be independently accessible. At least 16 Class II bicycle racks (accommodating 32 bicycles) would be provided at grade on Market Street and 18 Class II bicycle spaces in Garage Level B1 for the retail use. Showers and lockers would be located within the store for employees who bike to work. There would also be at least 41 Class I bicycle parking spaces for residents’ use on Garage Level B2 in a secure storage room near the elevators to Market Street.

The off‐street loading dock located at Garage Level B1 with access from 14th Street would serve the proposed full‐service grocery store. The proposed loading dock would be about 66 feet deep, and fully accommodate one truck with a 36‐foot trailer. The loading dock door would be closed at all times except when trucks are arriving or departing the loading dock area. The two existing on‐street loading spaces on the 14th Street frontage of the project site would remain.

According to Planning Code Section 135, the open space requirement for the proposed project would be 80 sq. ft. of private open space per dwelling unit or 106 sq. ft. per unit if provided in common. Ten units would have sufficient private open space. The common usable open space for the other 72 units would be required to be a minimum of 7,887 sq. ft. in size to meet the Planning Code requirements. The proposed project would provide 8,220 sq. ft. of common open space on the third floor podium. These proposed project totals for private and common open space would exceed Planning Code open space requirements.

As part of the proposed project, nine new street trees would be planted along Dolores Street in front of the project building in order to comply with Section 143 of the Planning Code. The four street trees along Market Street in front of the project site would remain, and two new trees would be planted, for a total of six trees on Market Street in front of the proposed project building. On 14th Street, the two existing trees would be replaced and two new trees would be added, for a total of four trees on 14th Street.

The Planning Department is considering improvements to the sidewalks and travel lanes on Market, Dolores, and 14th streets adjacent to the project site. These off‐site improvements are analyzed as a variant of the proposed project. They would involve widening the sidewalks adjacent to the project site in order to create bulb‐outs on both the east and west sides of the Market and Dolores Street corner; extending the Dolores Street median at Market Street and at 14th Street; straightening the crosswalk across Market Street on the west side of Dolores Street; extending the eastbound bike lane at the intersection of Market and Dolores Street; eliminating the existing eastbound right‐turn only lane from Market to Dolores Street; and eliminating one travel lane in each direction on Dolores Street, between Market and 14th streets. If the bulb‐outs are approved, two of the street trees proposed on Dolores
Street as part of the project would be replaced with other landscaping.

The latest timeline calls for a month of demolition followed by eighteen (18) months of construction. And now “assuming that construction would begin in the 3rd quarter of 2011, the building would be ready for occupancy in the 1st quarter of 2013.”
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8 thoughts on “2001 Market Street Prepares To Meet The Planning Commission”
  1. it’s reminicent of Arterra.
    People liked that so I see no reason why this can’t be built here.
    my favorite part: adding new trees!

  2. I like this design solution a lot. Elegant, modern facade, lots of detail and articulation. Nice bold expression of the tall base. Prominent cornice line.
    Going to be a great addition to Upper Market.

  3. I don’t think the project is viable with Whole Foods.
    I like the building itself, but am very concerned about the traffic and parking issues that have been raised (queues of idling cars spewing pollutants does not enhance the quality of life) as well as related issues with the scores of delivery trucks every day on 14th St., a residential street which is also a major artery. And if Whole Foods comes in and knocks out many/most of the neighborhood-serving small grocers and specialty stores (as has happened in Noe Valley) that would not be a happy outcome.

  4. More fear based projections to fuel the debate. Sounds like someone has been in bed with G W Bush again.
    1. let’s get rid of all the cars in SF..and trucks while we’re at it.
    2. Scores of delivery trucks? Really? Scores?
    3. Whole Foods came into Noe and knocked out most/many small grocers. Seriously? Really? Guess what? WF moved into to replace the aging and crappy Bell Market. And there are still lots of small grocers operating on many corners in Noe today.
    More fear mongering based on small minded thinking.
    I love WF as do lots of Noe folks. Don’t like WF? then go shop at Safeway.

  5. I really admire this building, it will be a fantastic addition. It looks like a mini- Arterra. See- we can build cool stuff in SF.. along with the Saitowicz across the street on Buchanan this will be a very exciting area of Market.

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