Three new temporary two-space “parklets” were approved yesterday, two on either side of 24th Street between Vicksburg and Sanchez and Noe and Sanchez and a third on Columbus between Grant and Union.
The dual Noe parklets are more or less in lieu of the Noe Valley Plaza project which also managed to divide the street. Perhaps the two parklets can be divided into dueling camps complete with rousing shouting matches back and forth.
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2 thoughts on “Three New “Parklets” (And Six Fewer Parking Spaces) Approved”
  1. So wait, these parklets are RIGHT THERE next to the parking lot that is supposed to be turning into a park. Did that idea die with the Noe closure, or is Vix/Sanchez on 24th going to turn into Linden?

  2. Were these handed out by the standard crony capitalism method, like the one on Linden that was given to Blue Bottle for free?

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