As developers have until November 18 to decide whether or not to throw their hats into the ring with respect to San Francisco’s Pier 70, the Port reminds us of their vision for a series of interconnected waterfront parks lining the bay known as the Blue Greenway Project.

The Blue Greenway vision for Pier 70 includes picnic areas, a plaza or amphitheater, a multi-use green with viewing platforms, and perhaps a fishing pier and playground, while the vision for Warm Water Cover at the end of 25th Street to the south (and to which Pier 70’s greenway could connect) includes includes acres of new vegetation, furnished picnic grounds, and even a potential off road bicycling (BMX) track or skate park.

3 thoughts on “San Francisco’s Great Blue Greenway Vision And Interconnected Plans”
  1. a skate park? that sounds pretty cool. i wonder if that area is going to turn out to be sketchy, it’s a little rough around 25th street.

  2. There is already a world class 2 years new skate park right at Potero del Sol park. Putting another one in on the same latitude 10 blocks away makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

  3. who is drawing these diagrams… childish at best. maybe instead of 2nd year landscape students we get professionals involved with these projects.

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