1095 Market

In front of San Francisco’s Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) tomorrow afternoon, an application to rehabilitate the Joseph D. Grant Building at 1095 Market Street along with a plan to convert the eight-story steel frame building designed by Newton Tharp and clad in pressed brick and brownstone terra cotta from office use to a hotel/hostel with up to 94 rooms and a restaurant, bar, and nightclub.

1095 Market as Proposed

Also in front of the HPC this week, requests to add 150 Otis and 116 New Montgomery to the National Register of Historic Places and a public hearing on the Draft Environmental Impact Report for the North Beach Library/Joe DiMaggio Playground Master Plan.

11 thoughts on “It’s The Joseph And Joe Show At San Francisco’s HPC This Week”
  1. Would be a major vote of confidence in an area which is basically a plein air social service laboratory. I applaud a developer bringing back the beauty of a mid-Market bldg.
    As many iterations of ideas and starts for mid-Market strip, without a selection of market-rate home ownership opportunities on and nearby Market — the area simply can’t lift off. It’s about housing (and not ALL low-income). It needs a community and that starts with where people live. IMO.

  2. @invented
    You’ve got Trinity Apartments being built a block away with 440 units, you’ve got Soma Grand wtih 246 units, and you’ve got Argenta with 179 units. Seems like the housing you mentioned is coming along. Granted, the starts on those came before 2008 but there is market rate housing nearby.
    Perhaps the area is a little rough to start thinkin about a hotel but then again, someone stays at that Holiday Inn on 8th Street don’t they? And I bet the resto/bar/club would get some decent biz from the federal and state employees working nearby.
    Hopefully it works out for them.

  3. @rarelypost/invented: The article says “hotel/hostel”. My guess is “hostel” is more accurate. Hostels are rarely in the best hoods and there’s already one on Market a block or two up. So if this is decently renovated and targets the youthful hostel market I bet it could do very well.
    Meanwhile, in addition to the housing mentioned, there’s the addition to Fox Plaza and the condo project at 10th & Market that were stalled by the recession but should eventually get built. There’s also another residential project on the block north of the Warfield (as I recall) that includes a supermarket and one at 10th & Mission.

  4. I always thought the only hostel in SF that actually served tourists rather than the housing-challenged was the one in Upper Fort Mason.
    A friend from my wild 20s over 10 years ago worked in all the ones downtown and in SOMA back then and he said they were pretty much all drug addicts and the almost-homeless.

  5. Perhaps the area is a little rough to start thinkin about a hotel
    It’s right across the street from The Renoir (about which I’ve heard good things) and there are another seven or eight moderately priced hotels within a block and a half.

  6. @BobN
    That was my point which is why I mentioned the Holiday Inn. But with all that SF has to offer would you point your out of town guests to 7th/Market for lodging options? I suppose if the price is low enough to make up for the location I guess it it could work. You have quick access to most parts of the city via public.
    Wouldn’t this project, if completed, be very similar to the Elements Hotel on Mission that has Medjool on the bottom floor and roof deck? Is that place full of druggies? The people I’ve run into there seem like normal hostel/hotel types. Good management makes the difference I guess.

  7. But with all that SF has to offer would you point your out of town guests to 7th/Market for lodging options?
    My relatives don’t have the $$$ to stay in most hotels in the City. Given a choice between 7th & Market or somewhere off the beaten path like near Ocean Beach, I’d suggest according to age and mobility. Young folks? 7th and Market. Older folks with a car? Further out.

  8. There are lots of hotels in the $100-150 per nite range. SF is not that expensive all around. Lots of reasonable hotel prices.

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