2559 Van Ness Rendering as Proposed

Amongst other items in front of San Francisco’s Planning Commission this afternoon, a vote on the proposed 27-unit development at 2559 Van Ness and Filbert as rendered above and for which the Planning Department recommends approval, and an informational presentation on San Francisco’s Better Streets Plan.

And scheduled for 6 pm tonight, it’s the public hearing on the Draft Environmental Impact Report for the North Beach Library and Joe DiMaggio Playground Master Plan.

North Beach Branch Library Rendering

Bring plenty of popcorn and be sure to report back.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Delancey


  2. Posted by SFer

    Now when the hell is LF George going to do something with their lot across the street.

  3. Posted by tenderloin resident

    If north beach does not want their new library, lower nob hill / tenderloin would be willing to take it. Throw in a public pool and I would be in heaven!

  4. Posted by badlydrawnbear

    Build it, build it all!
    CA is desperate for jobs. Cities and the state are desperate for additional tax revenue.
    Here we have developers willing to spend millions of dollars, employee hundreds, and replace an under utilized piece of land in San Francisco with something, condos or the library, that would benefit the city much more than the current surface parking lot.
    These decisions should be virtual no brainers … this goes with the families looking to tear down and rebuild their homes in lower income neighborhoods. Why not put architects, contractors, inspectors, etc to work using private money instead of public. Just do it!

  5. Posted by BobTheBuilder

    badlydrawnbear: don’t forget you’re talking about the infamous “Triangle” here – taken by General Peskin by eminent domain from a builder ready, able and willing to put up a new residential building on the site.

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