601 4th Street #223
Listed for $1,350,000 in January 2008, with the help of their agent the buyers of 601 4th Street #223 were able to purchase the two-bedroom Heublien Building loft for $1,320,000 that March. It’s now two and one-half years later and the 1,930 square foot condo is back on the market and listed for $1,250,000.
UPDATE: As a plugged-in reader notes, originally listed for $1,580,000 and also currently available for rent asking $6,800 per month.
∙ Listing: 601 4th Street #223 (2/2) 1,930 sqft – $1,250,000 [MLS]
The Heublien Building Lofts (601 4th Street) [SocketSite]

6 thoughts on “Two Bedrooms, Baths, Parking, And Years Later For Heublien #223”
  1. I’ve been watching this place over the last year or so. It was originally listed by the same brokers for $1,580,000, I believe this spring it was reduced to $1,400,000 about the time that 355 Bryant #308 came on market. Now down to $1,250,000 and now asking $6,800 for rent: http://www.ubayp.com/rent/_props/601_4thSt223/index.html
    Both lofts are chasing each other down. I really like this building, and this loft. Note, 355 Bryant #308 has also just cut price down to $1,299,000.

  2. That’s a dream rent. It’s a 2 bedroom apartment. A very nice one, but that’s what it is. SOMA is not a feature to many people.

  3. Is it just me…or do the ceilings in the “sleeping lofts,” bathrooms, and office area seem ridiculously low??? They look like they’re 7’ max. I know it’s common practice to double-up the floorplan in these type of lofts, but these look especially low. I don’t think I could put on deodorant without slamming my hand in to the bathroom ceiling. And that’s not a million-dollar-plus way to start the day in my book…

  4. The list price for 601 4th Street #223 has just been reduced $100,000 (8%), now asking $1,150,000. Once again, purchased for $1,320,000 in March 2008 and at one point asking $1,580,000.

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