1070 Green #902

Listed for $2,100,000 in April 2008, the two-bedroom Green Hill Tower (1070 Green) condo #902 sold with a “confidential” sale price reported on the MLS that June. As such, the list price of $2,100,000 would have been used when compiling MLS based median and average sale price reports.

Public records, however, suggest the sale price for the Russian Hill home was actually $1,910,000. And two weeks ago, the two-bedroom view condo returned to the market listed for $1,695,000.

Currently in contract, but it would appear that not all contingencies have yet been waived.

7 thoughts on “A Green (And No Longer Confidential) Apple To Be On Russian Hill”
  1. Wonder what it must be like to flush about three hundred thousand dollars (loss, commissions, transfer tax, finance costs, etc) down the toilet in non-rent, only two years after you thought you had gotten a “deal”.

  2. Wasn’t mid-2008 the time when we had all the gloating about “not in Real SF”? Followed by 5% max. Followed by 5-10% max. Followed by rancorous one-liners.

  3. But a two-year hold from 2004 to 2006 would have worked out great.
    Unless you bought early and sold the place before the bubble burst, just about any SF purchase from 2003-2010 is going to “= not good idea”

  4. I’m considering purchasing in Russian Hill in a year or so – I currently live by the palace and I love it, but the landfill issue scares me. Russian hill seems like a good compromise for a view whore like me. What are the thoughts on the neighborhood from the SS’ers?

  5. This unit came on the market this spring, asking (if I remember correctly) $2.1M. Restaged and re-photographed, but obviously dropping the price around $400K works even more magic.

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