District 9h come August 10, 2010
As plugged-in people match the summary prose with the actual new map above, the absorption of most of Mission Bay’s ground zero into South Beach, with a carve out for the below market rate (BMR) Crescent Cove development, becomes more acute. As the Realtor defined BYB (before “Yerba Buena”) district boundaries are currently defined below.
District 9h today
Feel free to add to the citywide new boundary observations. To make things even easier, direct links to San Francisco’s current street by street district map and the soon to be new.
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7 thoughts on “The Incredible Shrinking Mission Bay (And Expanding South Beach)”
  1. La Lengua is in Bernal now? I know a lot of people who are going to be unhappy about that. At least the Bernal Heights post office is now in Bernal Heights though.

  2. Many people have regarded La Lengua part of Bernal. Neighborhood activists from the Tiffany/29th St area were part of the Northwest Bernal Alliance in years past.

  3. The Tenderloin is shrinking a block too. The northern boundary is moving from Geary to O’Farrell, which makes a certain sense as “The Tenderknob” keeps slowly drifting southward. Geary and Leavenworth still feels like the TL to me though. At least Mitchell’s Brothers is still in the TL!

  4. The commentary and the map on the Green St. Cow Hollow/Pacific Heights change don’t match up. The map shows only Baker to Lyon moving to Cow Hollow, but the commentary mentions both “one block” moving, and Divisadero to Lyon moving. I am guessing whoever wrote that didn’t realize Divis to Lyon is three blocks? I know some people in $5M houses on Green/Divis who are not going to be happy if they are in Cow Hollow now.

  5. While those at The Palms might be pleased that it will soon be in South Beach, those in South Beach might be displeased that The Palms will be included in their district. Of course, the same can be said of the Beacon. With all the distressed sales there lowering neighborhood averages and all.
    While there will be winners and losers, as long as the average sales price goes up, I’m sure the SFAR will be happy.

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