An investor group led by Joe Lacob and Peter Guber, and without any participation from the San Francisco Giants as far as we know, has purchased the Golden State Warriors.
No word on any plans to move the team, what this means with respect to the possibility of becoming the “San Francisco” Warriors we’ll leave it up to you to debate and decide.
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12 thoughts on “Warriors Sold, Plans To Move Untold”
  1. Crap. Big Larry would have moved the team to SF for sure. These investors probably won’t. They’ll just look to flip it.

  2. Yeah, and Larry would have built a swell new area for them to play in, here in SF – complete with bay windows…

  3. A move to the parcel across McCovey Cove from AT+T Park would have been nice. Get the San Jose Earthquakes to take a smaller version of the stadium proposed at Hunter’s Point for the 49ers and you’ve got something.

  4. Why not move them to San Jose/Santa Clara?
    It’s emerging as the professional sports center of the Bay Area. Probably more money to be made off the team there than anywhere else in the Bay Area. If the A’s move south, even just to Fremont, this could bring a great economic synergy throughout the South Bay.
    Unless the idea is to move them out of the Bay Area.

  5. Can’t think of cool name wrote:

    Yeah, and Larry would have built a swell new area for them to play in, here in SF…

    What would he have called it if he had? The Warriors already play in The Oracle Arena.
    Perhaps he would have named the new place The Sun Microsystems Arena. Or The PeopleSoft Arena.

  6. Why not move them to the Canadian or European league? Or affiliate with the University of Phoenix and compete in the NCAA?
    Just sayin’….

  7. Won’t happen. Have any of you even been to a warriors game?
    When I’ve gone, I noticed the majority of the fans are from the east/south bay, so I don’t think there is any incentive to move to SF, especially since they are having no trouble selling tickets.
    SF people are fair weather fans when it comes to the warriors…stay in oakland, and upgrade the stadium

  8. @Fishchum
    Moving the SJ earthquakes to SF might be worth it. SF has a lot more soccer fans and the earthquakes could benefit from a smaller stadium with premium concessions

  9. “stay in oakland and upgrade the stadium?”
    you mean the a’s? there’s nothing wrong with Oracle Arena.

  10. The Warriors make money, even with bad teams, so I doubt they are leaving the Bay Area–they bring in more money than most NBA teams. If they did leave, there are other teams that could take their place, but if the owners wanted a team elsewhere they could have paid less for another team.

  11. I still think entertainers (including sports starts and celebrities) are going to take a hit in Deflation Nation; next summer should be interesting.
    Despite the popularity of the NBA stars and interest in their every move, Commissioner David
    Stern forecast this week that the league will lose about $370 million this season. The players’ association countered, saying basketball-related revenues are at an all-time high. The association is preparing for a lockout when the collective bargaining agreement expires next summer.

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