The piles were driven for Radiance’s 318-unit Phase Two (“Radiance West”) back in 2008 before construction was suspended that July. Developer Nat Bosa first floated the idea of breaking Phase Two into Phases Two And Three back in 2009. And last month a plugged-in resident in Phase One first noticed workers getting busy on site.

As a plugged-in tipster notes yesterday, construction on the first 170 units of Radiance West (aka Radiance Phase Two of Three) has now begun in earnest and the units should be ready for move-in by mid-2012.

As the three phases of Radiance will look when complete:

Radiance at Mission Bay Phase II: Rendering

13 thoughts on “Radiance West (325 China Basin Phase Two) Construction Underway”
  1. It appears that there is a pool and spa in the next phases. Does anyone know if Phase One will have use of those common ammenities? I was told way back at the pre-party for the Radiance model opening that although Phase One doesn’t have a/c that the next phase will have it. Since the next two phases total 318 residences, will there be a doorman? Will the entire development be called Radiance? Anyone have any insider info or even some juicy gossip they want to share?

  2. Very nice use of the perimeter block form. Should help create a terrific pedestrian experience. Who knows,one day we may be able to selectivley employ the very sophisticated tower and pedestal form (with townhomes in the pedestal). But, we’re not quite there yet; we’re still in the single family house/ SUV/corporate design cultural stage. One can only dream of a better day….:)

  3. RSVP – I was at the realtors’ townhouse model tour and party a couple of years ago (as a guest; I’m not a realtor) and at that time they said phase I owners would have use of the pool and other common areas of phase II. It was part of the sales pitch for phase I. So unless something has changed, the answer to your first question is yes.

  4. Nice project. The units are spacious. My only criticism is that I wish the two taller towers had been switched to the north side of the courtyard, so they wouldn’t cast shadows on the central court and pool area.
    Wonder if the architects considered that.

  5. Now if only Jelly’s (soon to be shut down forever) would turn in to a nice neighborhood restaurant.

  6. Hello RSVP.
    As a member of the original Radiance Sales Team, the builder has always stated that Radiance and Radiance West would be 2 separate HOA’s. The 99 units in the first building will not have formal use of the pool/spa or other amenities in the 2nd building. Similarly, Radiance West owners will not have the use of Radiance I’s 4th floor Podium Courtyard, conversation firepit, club or fitness center.
    The rendering doesn’t do it justice….the Radiance properties are sensational!

  7. I’ll bow to your better knowledge. But I could swear I was told the opposite. Either the person I asked was misinformed or I’m totally confused (likely!).

  8. Anybody know which portion of the “former Phase Two” the “new Phase Two of Three” is? Is it the southern strip with the two towers? And is the central courtyard/pool included in this phase? Or are they breaking things down some other way?
    Presumably there’s essentially a parking garage under the whole thing except for the perimeter first-floor units, so that kind of complicates how you break it down into two pieces.

  9. Also note that the park between Radiance West and the Bayer/Nektar building (the one in the bottom right of the rendering) is almost complete. Looks like they just need to put down the sod, all the trees and shrubbery are in place. Looks really nice.

  10. ^^^Yep, that was a federal stimulus grant from the EPA through a program to rehabilitate brownfields that got that one done. Can’t wait for the whole Commons to be completed…what a nice stretch of green that will be right through the heart of Mission Bay South.

  11. As a “plugged in” & former sales associate for Radiance I, I migght be able to clarify a couple of items mentioned above. (Remembering that Nothing is etched in stone until it’s built)….Phase II will be over 200 units including both 16 story towers to the South (Mission Bay Blvd.) The West side (on 3rd street is slated for ground floor retail). The last Radiance Phase will be the remaining 120+ units in 6 storys to the North on China Basin St.
    The buildings have areas designed for a consierge/door person. That plan could be changed by the builder, of course.

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