Original Wharf Street Design
Returning to the public’s eye like the sea lions to the wharf, tomorrow at 4pm the Planning Department (in partnership with the Fisherman’s Wharf Community Benefit District) will present the Draft Fisherman’s Wharf Public Realm Plan to the public.
Meeting topics will include: “the design for Jefferson Street; the streetscape design guidelines for the remainder of the streets in the study area; the design guidelines for new development; the parking and circulation management plan; and the designs for new and refurbished open spaces.”
Fisherman’s Wharf Public Realm Plan Meeting: 6/9/10 [sfnpc.org]
San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf Public Ream Realm Plan [SocketSite]
Trolling For Tourists And Locals Alike On Fisherman’s Wharf [SocketSite]

2 thoughts on “Fisherman’s Wharf Public Realm Plan To Be Presented Wednesday”
  1. No bike lane through Fisherman’s wharf? Hundreds of tourist take off from Fisherman’s wharf on bicycles. You spend tons of money to improve the area and there is no bike lane? Just the same old morass of traffic? Seriously I want to advise tourists to ignore Fisherman’s Wharf. They won’t miss anything. It is the same old tourist trap anyway. Head to Ferry building, which is a much more happening place.

  2. Agreed that this crossing is a bicycle trap. You want to merge right but the tracks are throwing you to the middle of traffic.

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