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While it hasn’t officially been unveiled, the new “parklet” in front of Mojo Bicycle Café is in place and already rather popular on a sunny day. Designed by RG Architecture, the six-month trial parklet has turned two traditional parking spaces into a forty foot deck with seating (not exclusively for the use of Mojo patrons), planters, and parking for six bikes.
Soon To Be Sitting Pretty In A Series Of New Plazas And Parklets [SocketSite]
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  1. Posted by lolcat_94123

    2 parking spaces -> a 40′ deck? Those are some big ass parking spots.

  2. Posted by ccc

    20′ is actually the typical parallel parking space dimension so 40′ is about right. It’s amazing how much space an automobile really needs.

  3. Posted by tipster

    The homeless advocates are fuming over this.
    Those are two parking spaces that homeless people can no longer “sell” by standing in front of them and forcing drivers to pay to use the spot.

  4. Posted by That would barely fit

    20 feet per space is not excessive in this country.
    A Ford Excursion would barely fit in 20 feet. Old full size classics often reached 20 feet. sure SF loves its Japanese and European cars, but this is still America.

  5. Posted by sparky-b

    This has got to be good for biz at Mojo.

  6. Posted by Rocco
  7. Posted by DanRH

    Drove by this this weekend as they were building it – very happy to see it.
    This, along with the new plants that crews were adding to the median, added a nice touch to this part of Divis.

  8. Posted by Invented

    In a word, brilliant.
    (although SUV drivers might choose another word).

  9. Posted by glenn

    I was there over the weekend and thought the space was brilliant. Perhaps we should get rid of more of the parking spaces on Divis and make a giant outdoor cafe space.
    There is a lot of disposable income in the neighborhoods surrounding Divisadero.

  10. Posted by R

    Cars are big.. Here’s some lengths of common vehicles:
    Fedex Van: over 19′
    Chevy Suburban: almost 19′
    SFPD Cruiser: about 18′
    Mazda 3 Hatchback: about 15′
    Mini Cooper: about 12′
    Add in the amount of space needed to parallel, and 20′ parking spaces ain’t all that big.

  11. Posted by spitpalm

    More of this please! These are perfect projects for a down economy and SF’s streets could definitely use some makeup.

  12. Posted by BDB

    Love it – stopped by on Saturday and the place was busy. Agree this will do great for Mojo – which seems to do well in any case.
    Would love to see more of it.
    Divis is actually looking like a pretty street now. as mentioned above the new plants, and new road surface are working wonders.

  13. Posted by Michael

    Dubious at first but it’s a much nicer experience than I was expecting it to be. Traffic isn’t overly nerve wracking or noisy. Don’t understand why they ended up using half the platform for the six bike spaces.

  14. Posted by inmybackyard

    I love it! I have not seen it in person yet but live around the corner and can’t wait to use the new ‘parklet’.

  15. Posted by curb cut's revenge

    if a single family home can take out public street parking spaces for one person’s private property, consider this justice for the selfish car mentality in this city. good luck driving around even more looking for a parking spot suckers!
    but really though this is a great idea and less cars on the streets the better.

  16. Posted by df

    Two thumbs up, and hoping for more to follow.

  17. Posted by Zig

    I am getting two of these near my house soon at 24th and Noe and 22nd St.
    I really like this approach a lot more than that weird park space on San Jose Avenue and Guerrero Street.
    The idea of taking some parking on Columbus makes a ton of sense to me now.

  18. Posted by Vancouver Jones

    Great experiment. Should be repeated and refined where ever possible. Livable cities are all about making things work on multiple scales; with the pedestrian scale being at the top of the list. This a simple notion but requires sophistcated execution.

  19. Posted by Alex

    This is an awesome idea, and yet…. the people who go to Mojo STILL Manage to entirely block the sidewalk with their dogs, bikes, and cell phone conversations.
    can we re-locate them?

  20. Posted by D

    Walked past it a few times over the last few days (it’s in my hood). The barriers to traffic need to be rethought. The police barriers are ugly, ugly, ugly. I think large planters, like they do in downtown Mountain View, would look nice.

  21. Posted by A

    police barricades, from what I understand, are coming out tomorrow

  22. Posted by Ricardo de Anda

    ccc — so easy to bash the homeless. I have no problem “tipping” a homeless “parking attendant”, even though she was of no benefit.
    Better that than panhandling.

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