908 Ashbury Top Floor

Unfortunately the sale of 908 Ashbury won’t be apples to apples as building permits note a remodeled master bath, a new guest bath, new skylights, and the moving of walls since its last sale. Also noted in the permits:

Proposal to create a new dormer on the [top] floor at front of building. Note: Building has undergone substantial work over the past 18-months and the extent of the seizmic (sic) upgrade at this point is unclear. Applicant will be submitting at a future date documentation from engineer pertaining to this.

Purchased for $2,795,000 in 2007 and asking $2,995,000 today, the property’s marketing site does note “structural improvements” while the city’s records note a valuation increase of $150,000 since its last sale based on reported remodeling costs.

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  1. Posted by Katy Dinner

    Yes – this is a Paragon listing. I got a sneak preview last week because it is a Paragon listing. I was really impressed with the work the sellers and their interior designers did. It is a huge house on a great lot. The proximity to Cole Valley and it’s near Ashbury Heights address are impressive. A great St. Francis Wood and Pac Heights alternative. Thumbs up.

  2. Posted by SFRE

    Awesome top floor room.

  3. Posted by tipster

    1. “near Ashbury Heights address”
    2. “A great St. Francis Wood and Pac Heights alternative.”
    Hold on to your wallets, folks. Them’s buzzwords for “it’s overpriced for its actual location”.
    Beautiful place, though. Glad to hear the Realtors like it so much, too.

  4. Posted by anonn

    Need to see it. But sight unseen, 4200 feet, remodelled throughout, a big lot, and 5-E don’t combine to scream overpiced at ~3M to anybody who knows the market.

  5. Posted by nnona

    “near Ashbury Heights address”
    Where exactly is Ashbury Heights, then?
    I mean this isn’t even in an area whose “borders” have shifted recently for marketing reasons.
    Unnecessarily inserting the erroneous “near” in an otherwise rah-rah post makes this location seem less nice than it actually is. I hope she doesn’t use the same types of marketing tactics for her own listings, for her own sake. Bravo Realtor, Bravo.

  6. Posted by redseca2

    If you are on Ashbury, and well above Frederick Street (start of the 800 block), with 908 Ashbury, you are in the center of Ashbury Heights.
    You actually transition into apartment buildings and stucco center court ’30’s houses if you go too far up the hill.

  7. Posted by anonn

    It’s Ashbury Heights. She probably meant Ashbury Terrace, as it’s just outside those gates. I’m thinking casual blog comments, with minimal restraint, can probably be scrutinized a little less stringently than printed marketing material and MLS posts.

  8. Posted by noearch

    Well, there you go anonn: it’s not just me or sometimes comments about questionable real estate words or tactics to sell a property. It’s not called bashing (as you say), but questioning integrity and honesty.
    think about it.
    Although I’m not a fan of these attic rooms with low headroom converted to living spaces, at least this one looks well designed and is reasonable functional.

  9. Posted by anonn

    I have no idea what you’re talking about bringing up integrity and honesty, here. I read a quick take on a property viewed in person. I also read you, Tipster, and nonna not having seen the property and talking about somebody else’s language for some reasons you think you understand.

  10. Posted by lolcat_94123

    Top room looks great if you’re < 5′ tall. I assume everyone else is expected to climb over the sofa to get to the fireplace.

  11. Posted by noearch

    as usual, anonn argues with everyone and everything. par for the course.. what an uptight serious person.
    read what tipster said. read what nnona said. I agree with them.

  12. Posted by R

    I’m not sure how this devolved. Katy is the only one here to have been to the place, and says it’s nice. How did we get to bad mouthing realtors about their lack of integrity and honesty?
    The only thing Katy said that wasn’t true is that it’s near Ashbury Heights, when actually it’s in Ashbury Heights.

  13. Posted by curmudgeon

    I’m with R. And everyone should take a chill pill…too much hatred going around.
    It’s clear that this house is in Ashbury Heights. Let’s just agree to that and put off name calling for the rest of the day.
    I haven’t said his before, but all of this sniping back and forth is making this forum less and less interesting. Which is too bad, because everyone (yes, both Anonn AND Tipster) have important things to say.
    How about some civility. (and this is not the cue to say “but I AM civil, he was mean to me FIRST!”)

  14. Posted by geoff

    sincerely yours,
    planet earth and the internets

  15. Posted by sanfrantim

    i like the catty sniping; that’s what I come here for. Please … keep it up.

  16. Posted by R

    I’m all for catty sniping, don’t get me wrong. But at least come up with some new and interesting catty sniping.

  17. Posted by anonn

    I read what everybody said and I explained why those criticisms didn’t work for me. You disagreed by simply pointing to them. Not following that either.
    Yes. Music on these sort of websites is bothersome to me too. See, that was an opinion. You could say, “I think music on websites is totally rad.” Where would we be, then? Knowing some of you, you’d be like, “Oh. The realtor hates music. What a weirdo.”

  18. Posted by joeyoublow

    Dear Geoff – do not automatically assume everyone is like you; do not use capital letters inappropriately; and do use capital letters on titles.
    I like music. Music makes me happy.
    The Etiquette Police and other Internet users
    (This site is losing any shred of credibility it had due to wanky cranky postings. Want to be taken seriously? Write a serious post.)

  19. Posted by Salarywoman

    Dear Geoff- I’m with you!
    Plus it’s annoying to have to mute my computer because then I forget it is muted and have to figure out what’s wrong when I actually do want to hear something.

  20. Posted by darren

    SOCKET SITE: where do you find the remodelling costs plse?
    “the city’s records note a valuation increase of $150,000 since its last sale based on reported remodeling costs.”

  21. Posted by loftlover

    Sniping aside, this is the best use of gratuitous Flash on a web site I’ve seen in a long time. Great photography, great navigation options. Try viewing in Full Screen mode.
    Geoff, the music is there to distract you while the site loads.
    As the sign says: “Stay Clam, and Carry On”

  22. Posted by been there

    saw this one when it was on the market before the current owners picked it up and renovated it. It’s a shady lot all around ( east side of street with plenty of trees. I didn’t get that “sunny feeling” at all from the home. The downstairs au pair /office is definitely dark. Otherwise it’s a nice home. But 3mm to live on that busy street? Don’t let your kids wander out of the driveway. And the shady side of the street at that? Pass.. (I wonder how much $ they put into it? I don’t believe the $150 k number in the dbi permits). How many $3MM sales on Ashbury St since 2007? Since 2005? Anyone?

  23. Posted by Katy Dinner

    Next to Ashbury Terrace – in Ashbury Heights. My mistake.

  24. Posted by anonee

    saw it today and it looks awesome. the attic was very well done and boasts plenty of headroom. its bright and clean and “sunny feeling”. its a shame the owners will not hold onto this place after putting so much thought (and $) into the remodel.
    there’s not enough stuff on the market that shows so well so i’m hoping this one goes fast.

  25. Posted by been there

    @ anonee – Were there views? I forget. No views and $3MM….whew

  26. Posted by anonee

    they applied for and received permission to add dormers on the top front bedroom but did not put them in. if they did they would get some pretty good views. otherwise, its true that there are no real views now.

  27. Posted by homer

    this house seems really narrow. if you look at the street view on google maps, it looks very narrow relative to the nearby homes.

  28. Posted by SocketSite

    The sale of 908 Ashbury closed escrow today with a reported contract price of $2,750,000 or $655-ish per square foot and 2 percent under its 2007 unimproved price: Orange Who? Orange You Glad We Prefer To Serve Apples?

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