While we’re still waiting for the full results of the formal reviews, last year 3,432 informal reviews resulted in 1,683 reductions of 2009-2010 assessed values for San Francisco properties (in addition to 9,997 reductions that were proactively granted).
And in a few hours Assessor-Recorder Phil Ting will officially announce the acceptance of applications for informal review requests for the year 2010-2011. Applications are available online and requests must be made by March 31, 2010.
Office of the Assessor-Recorder: 2010/11 Informal Review Request [SFGov]
A 25.7% Drop In Assessed Value For A Plugged-In Reader In 2009/10 [SocketSite]

2 thoughts on “Assessed Value Informal Review Requests For 2010/11 Now Online”
  1. Uugh, the Assessor Recorder does not take multi unit building appeals until July. By then the value will probably be back up, and I’m certainly not going to pay for a new appraisal.
    Anyone have any luck submitting outside of the time frame?

  2. Ryan- Scary that you’re “Owner of the Year” and don’t understand property tax procedures in CA. It’s the Janaury 1st value you should be concerned with, not when you file an appeal. Order your appraisal today…

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