2,170 units entered San Francisco’s 2010 condo conversion lottery, all hoping to be one of the 200 chosen. If you hope to have a chance of winning in 2011, at which point you can start navigating the chart above (click to enlarge), you’ve got a week to get your ticket(s).
It’s Golden Ticket Day For 200 Condo Conversions In San Francisco [SocketSite]
San Francisco’s 2010 Condominium Conversion Lottery Results [SocketSite]
San Francisco’s 2011 Condominium Conversion Lottery Overview
Condominium Conversions in San Francisco

8 thoughts on “Condo Conversion 2011: Are You Feeling Lucky Punk? Well, Are You?”
  1. Do 2 unit tic owner occupied stil get a free pass if they are lived in for 2 years and have the necessary code finishes for condo conversion?

  2. @anonee Those were last year’s numbers. Editor hasn’t put up any numbers for this year yet.
    We just got our tickets in the mail yesterday. They were numbered ~1150. If you could guess the average size of the building entering and the average number of tickets a building has you could figure out about how many units have entered this year. Anyone have those data?
    [Editor’s Note: The 2,170 units last year represented 662 buildings in total.]

  3. rr – it doesn’t matter. assuming most people do things at the last minute you really have to wait until an hour before the deadline to feel comfortable with having a good estimate. then it’ll just stress you out anyway. good luck!

  4. @resp I consider it a lottery. If I win, woohoo, but I expect not to. We continue to participate in the lottery not because of some need to convert but because future purchasers of our unit will probably view continuous participation in the lottery beneficial, because, eventually, the building will win. (That is, unless the new owners reset the clock and lose lottery privileges)

  5. We are entering this lottery scam for the 7th year. I hope we win………
    For all you Bolsheviks who support this ridiculous assault on personal freedoms
    your day is comin

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