Corner of 3rd and 19th Streets (
A year ago we brought you a few chapters in the long story for the development on the northwest corner of Third and 19th Streets.

This property has been in construction for 4 years and has seen 2 shoddy contractors come and go. 2 months ago a reputable builder was brought on board and indeed the whole building must be redone, including all the rough electrical and rough plumbing. Much of this has been done over the last 2 months. Fortunately only about 5% of the sheetrock was hung.

The roof is coming off and the ENTIRE stucco too. Scaffold will be erected in the next few weeks so there will be a more visible sign of activity. This project will be rented out and there is no question of foreclosure. Lots of litigation though! Completion late Summer ’09.

As it looked at the time (versus as it currently looks above):
Corner of 3rd and 19th Streets (
Nearing re-completion and as a plugged-in reader notes, “19 units residential [averaging 1,400 square feet], and 2-3 unit[s] commercial” coming soon. Catercorner to 2255 Third.
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7 thoughts on “The Re-Redevelopment On The Corner Of 3rd And 19th Streets”
  1. Appropriate it is catecorner to 2255 Third. Both structure are uninspiring visually. The process of turning Mission Bay into legoland north continues apace.

  2. IMHO both of these buildings do a relatively good job of complementing the rather massive industrial buildings along 3rd. (Is it American Can? I forget the name). I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing. Is it the best architecture ever? No. Is it appropriate for the site? I think so.
    On the other thread about the new building across the street, someone mentioned a tower would be more desirable. I think that would be great, too, as long as it were wrapped with townhouses on the street frontage. But the decision was made to keep heights down in the central waterfront for some reasonable, if arguable reasons related to respecting the industrial feel of the neighborhood.

  3. I am trying to convince myself that my wife and I might want to buy a residence in this area and start a family
    Its not working

  4. ….real Potrero is quite nice and has a much more family-friendly aesthetic. 🙂
    Agreed, but for $500k more. I walked through these units yesterday and it seems like they will be coming on the market in the new year. Really spacious 3 bed 2.5 bath over 1500sq ft with 1 to 2 car parking.

  5. “move up the hill a bit, real Potrero is quite nice and has a much more family-friendly aesthetic”
    So “those people” never come up the hill, eh?

  6. “So “those people” never come up the hill, eh?”
    Exactly. Whats wrong in wanting to live in a crime-free environment, and away from druggies, bums, and other degenerates?
    Especially if you planing on having kids.

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