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While the lottery earlier this year attracted four times as many applicants as there were available Mission Walk (330/335 Berry) BMR condos, you might not be out of luck after all. From the folks at BRIDGE Housing Corporation (emphasis ours):

Mission Walk is not oversubscribed. As of Nov. 12, more than half of the homes are in contract. From the initial round of applications, some applicants didn’t meet the income qualifications, or were unable to secure a mortgage, or there was a mismatch between the applicant’s household size and size of available units (for example, a one-person household is not eligible for a two-bedroom unit).

The developer and the SFRA anticipate that a second application round will open up in the next few weeks, primarily for two-bedroom homes. Interested first-time homebuyers should contact 415.495.HOME (4663) or visit http://www.homebricks.com to be placed on the interest list for Mission Walk.

Our apologies for the confusion (and cheers).
Mission Walk (330/335 Berry) Prepares To Strut [SocketSite]

3 thoughts on “Mission Walk (330/335 Berry) Lottery Redux: Second Round Soon!”
  1. Maybe check the facts before posting.
    [Editor’s Note: Okay, perhaps we shouldn’t have simply relied on the HomeBricks’ site which currently reads “The application period for Mission Walk is currently closed” and links to a lottery results list with over 500 applicants and granted preferences (yes, the lottery was oversubscribed as reported).
    Regardless, we’re happy to set the record straight with regard to whether or not it’s too late. And to give our readers the scoop on round two. Cheers.]

  2. What’s this about “first time homebuyers”?
    Are these available to everyone? According to the link, it looks like one needs to be poor.

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