1805 Broadway

Purchased for $3,400,000 in November of 2006 (but with a bunch of work done since), the grand scale Victorian at 1805 Broadway returned to the market six days ago asking $4,859,900. Three days ago its list price was reduced to $4,199,000.

1805 Broadway: Living

The listing notes “formally (sic) the residence of a prominent San Francisco family,” bonus points for the full scoop.

UPDATE: And as a reader notes, yes you can, can, can in the newly remodeled kitchen:

1805 Broadway: Kitchen

26 thoughts on “You Can, Can, Can (And A Grand Reduction) At 1805 Broadway”
  1. And it should be “formerly”, not “formally”, unless the family in question is so prominent that it has a formal residence and an informal residence.

  2. i wouldn’t make too much of the original list price, but I still think this home is a bit overpriced for what and where it is. Gough is a terrible street and this thing is far too close. It’s flanked by an ugly condo bldg to the east and is not likely to fetch over $3.5M at best. Hard to say exactly w/o square footage, but I’d say this feels like 700-750 psf to me. The kitchen is nice, but everything else, not so much.

  3. 3670sf, according to Property Shark. Used to be owned by DiFi’s daughter and her husband.
    Eddy, can you offer any insight (in general) as to why someone would put a house on the market and reduce it so drastically three days later?

  4. It happens. Sometimes its an accident, other times the broker feedback is so harsh that the listing agent feels compelled to make a change. I suspect the latter here.

  5. Hurts my eyes – Multiple Can Overload: Photos 6 and, then 7 (wow!).
    [Editor’s Note: Our runner-up but rejected headline: “Yes, You Can, Can, Can At 1805 Broadway” (photo added above).]
    [Editor’s Note Redux: We’re switching headlines, cheers.]

  6. Nice catch on the rental listing. Can’t believe I didn’t catch it. The real rent on this place would be closer to 8000 or 8500. There is an uber prime rental on valejo for 8k by the park that is far superior to this place at 18k What a joke. I’m revising my sale price estimate down to $3.2.

  7. Good luck.
    Ugly building to the left of it shading your house all day, no thanks. Bad location. I see a short sale coming…

  8. When Katherine Feinstein and her husband sold this house in 2006, it was fine the way it was. It was decorated and furnished with very good taste, not the vacuous ugliness that most staging creates.
    There is no avoiding the tall old SF apartment building to the east, but it is the first in a row going west of similar fine realSF houses, at least one unfortunately still chopped up into units.
    Whether they can make a profit remains to be seen. It is a nice large comfortable family home, with a Broadway address (for whatever that is worth near Gough.) I am almost sure that the cans were not there in such profusion last time.

  9. I’d have to wear a baseball cap all day and all night with all this fugly can lighting.
    Can lighting will be out of fashion in 3, 2, 1…

  10. I’ve seen Mazal’s CL posting on this place for months, but I never gave thought to where it was…
    She says it’s 5000 square ft. which I think is correct. I looked at one of the neighboring Victorians as a rental back in the late 90s and it was definitely larger than 3800 sft.
    The rental house on Vallejo for 8k is a great deal. Someone should seriously snatch that up!

  11. The furniture placement in this house is all wrong. The couches are crammed up against walls, the beds are placed incorrectly, the rugs are at odd angles, the window treatments are hideous. Someone is really missing the boat here by not bringing in a stager who knows what they’re doing.

  12. The builders / renovators could’ve gone a little light (sic) on the lighting ?
    I counted at least 26 recessed lights and 3 more lamps in the photo posted here, and that is probably not even the entire ceiling in the photo, right ?
    WTF !

  13. holy cow. I can’t believe I’m seeing this house again! I remember seeing this house when it was for sale back in 2005/6 (not sure the exact year). I remember it was all empty. I just remember there were so many floors and there were lots of rooms. None stop. By the time I return downstairs, my sister and I have concluded it was just way too big for us. If I remember correctly, they were asking around $2M at the time. I didn’t like the backyard because the building behind it was much much taller and can totally see into the backyard. It’s neat to see it on a blog after so many years.

  14. It happens. Sometimes its an accident, other times the broker feedback is so harsh that the listing agent feels compelled to make a change. I suspect the latter here.

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