1327 7th Avenue: Rendering (Image Source: Hamilton & Company Architecture)
The rendering above, the reality below, and it’s on the market for the eleven residential condos and ground floor retail of 1327 7th Avenue between Judah and Irving.
1327 7th Avenue
The two-bedrooms have been priced from $1,175,000 for the 1,272 square foot #11.
1327 7th Avenue #11 Living
And the three-bedrooms have been priced from $1,225,000 for the 1,330 square foot #1, one of the three “cottages” out back.
1327 7th Avenue Cottages
Two of which originally stood (although not quite so high) on the site.
1327 7th Avenue Construction (Image Source:
∙ Listing: 1327 7th Avenue #1 (3/2.5) 1,330 sqft – $1,225,000 [MLS]
∙ Listing: 1327 7th Avenue #11 (2/2) 1,272 sqft – $1,175,000 [MLS]
A Reader Wonders, We Respond: The Designs For 1315-27 7th Avenue [SocketSite]

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Dan

    Nice, but pricey at about $900/SF.

  2. Posted by tipster

    $921 psft? Auto repair shop on one side, church on the other? Pass.
    Slightly dated, decent condos in good areas with no parking in Pac Hights have started trending towards $600 psft, and falling.
    2864 Sacramento near Scott is a relatively quiet street in a good part of pac heights and can likely be had for $600psft. Sure, these condos are new now, but they’ll be slightly dated in a few years. Yes they have parking, but the nabes don’t compare. No friggin way will anyone be able to resale these for more than something like Pac Heights prices.
    $921? Someone is living in the past.

  3. Posted by location

    Pricing aside, the reality is much nicer than the rendering.

  4. Posted by anon$random

    yeah, those seem way overpriced…7th Ave, really?

  5. Posted by anon$random

    oh christ, its on the sunset side too. i thought i was looking at something near 7th and lake with those prices. this should be interesting.

  6. Posted by Fishchum

    Great location. I love the neighborhood, but part of its charm is the low-key feel it has. I don’t see someone who wants to live in the Inner Sunset spending this kind of scratch.

  7. Posted by curmudgeon

    Looks like they value engineered the fake tudor stone out of it…which is probably a good idea.
    This actually does looks much better than the renderings.

  8. Posted by SJM

    I like this place. Looks cute. Busy street though. The cottages almost look like SFH’s. I think they are cute. The guy selling them should have more photos for the places. I don’t know about pricing. I have seen condos in Cole Valley sell for about this price for a little less place but perhaps that isn’t an apples to apples comparison. If lending weren’t so tight I think they would get this price. Although, I would really want some yard and privacy if I were paying that much!

  9. Posted by simpr

    I am an Inner Sunset guy and love the neighborhood. Not everyone’s cup o tea but it is walkable, well connected, and modest. These units are out of whack with the last bit. There is no way they sell at that price. On 7th no less! Once upon a time 7th must have been a good address – there is some nice SFH stock on a few blocks. That was long ago.

  10. Posted by wayne

    one of the units is already ratified at 900sq ft.
    Surprising but true.

  11. Posted by Amen Corner

    I’ll be stunned if these units sell for this price. They’re not just overpriced, they are waay overpriced.

  12. Posted by anon

    I love the Inner Sunset – probably my favorite SF hood, but these are WAAAAAAY overpriced. Knock off 40% and we’ll talk.

  13. Posted by tipster

    “one of the units is already ratified at 900sq ft.
    Surprising but true.”
    Not surprising at all. We’ve seen this trick over and over with small developments. Some related party “buys” one of the units at full price to convince unsuspecting buyers that the price is realistic and create a comp.
    Is this the case here? Only the parties know, but that kind of price for that location is simply ridiculous, and I would strongly suggest anyone looking at the “sale” as a comp to be prepared to bend over.

  14. Posted by anonn

    We’ve seen this trick over and over with small developments. Some related party “buys” one of the units at full price to convince unsuspecting buyers that the price is realistic and create a comp
    For small developments? You’re out of your mind.

  15. Posted by JimBobJones

    “one of the units is already ratified at 900sq ft.
    Surprising but true.”
    Is this like how every single open house I’ve been to has multiple offers over asking, all cash?

  16. Posted by lolcat_94123

    Cut the price in half and I bet they sell “at asking.”

  17. Posted by Shza

    Am I the only one who finds the facade completely atrocious? I don’t think these look nice at all, not just for this price.

  18. Posted by radar

    Seriously, these should be priced in the $900K’s to start and then see where they land.

  19. Posted by mac
    Condo with parking in Pac Hts for $580/sq ft. This one was a short sale but there are others

  20. Posted by EBGuy

    Condo with parking in Pac Hts for $580/sq ft. This one was a short sale but there are others
    Condo with parking in Pac Hts for $486/sq ft (2200 Pacific Ave. #4D, 1850 sq.ft.). Show up at the courthouse on Monday, Nov. 16 with a check for $899,887. Originally bought for $825,000 in 2000.

  21. Posted by blah

    fugly, cold, Sunset, overpriced.
    ‘nuf said

  22. Posted by John

    To a lot of people, Inner Sunset is way more livable than Pac Hts.
    – Lively neighborhood shopping within walking distance
    – Golden Gate Park in one block
    – Muni to downtown, about 25 to 30 minutes
    – Good public schools in the area
    – Easier driving when you go south
    – Close to UCSF hospital/clinic
    However, Inner Sunset has always been a low-key, middle-class neighborhood, so at $900/sqft, it feels out of character at least.

  23. Posted by anon

    Agree with John, I find the Inner Sunset to be one of the best actual “neighborhoods” in SF. (The middle and outer Sunset are entirely different). It feels like an affordable Cole Valley, with all sorts of good stuff within walking distance. One of the last truly nice places to raise a family in SF.

  24. Posted by dub dub

    Allow me to add to the inner sunset love fest 🙂
    I actually drive over from the filthy, scary East Bay often to spend the afternoon in the park w/ the family, then we have lunch there (or drive over to Cha Cha Cha on Haight).
    If you don’t mind fog or the N Judah, it seems like a great place to live. Nice mix between walkable city living and the awesomeness of golden gate park. And if you aren’t careful, you might get a view.
    I’m not sure commuting peninsula south is easy, but I will take John’s word for it. I actually considered renting here many years ago (before choosing Noe) precisely because south commutes were harder. They’ve knocked down a lot of on-ramps since then, so I can’t imagine it’s easier.

  25. Posted by mr. weeny

    anyone know what will be in the retail space?

  26. Posted by Dan

    “They’ve knocked down a lot of on-ramps since then, so I can’t imagine it’s easier.”
    From 7th Ave in the Inner Sunset, commuting south, one can take 19th Ave, or alternatively Laguna Honda Blvd to Portola to Junipero Serra– either way getting onto 280 South.

  27. Posted by Ex-Inner Sunset

    Lived a block away from these for four years. Commuting south is not easy from hear. Yes, you can get on 19th quickly. Once you are on 19th during rush hour, nothing moves quickly. Neighborhood is great, but there is no way these will sell at these prices.

  28. Posted by citicritter

    If you coat ‘historic cottages’ in beige stucco and stick in crappy windows, they’re not really ‘historic’ any more — just more of that mediocre SF architecture…

  29. Posted by ex SF-er

    I’m another inner sunset lover. The only thing I dislike about the nabe is the fog.
    I often had to commute from inner sunset to Palo Alto. (I lived on 9th b/t Judah/Irving, and also on 3rd right below UCSF). it wasn’t bad at all, although I often went off rush hour.
    another fast way is to take Oak to 101.
    the lights are timed well and the drive is very easy, with or without traffic.
    it can’t take much longer than 10-15 minutes to get to the highway, but I’ve never timed it.
    I agree that 19th can sometimes be a pain.

  30. Posted by stylewylde

    I lived a few doors up from this development for nearly 4 years and would not hesitate to buy in that hood again IF the units were priced more realistically. Lots of great restaurants within walking, on the park, a great friendly vibe, and believe it or not one of the ‘sunnier’ parts of the sunset, its a fantastic neighborhood, but $900 is just plain silly.

  31. Posted by missiondweller

    $1,300 sq/ft for the Sunset?
    I’m sorry, I can’t stop laughing!

  32. Posted by sparky-b

    Laugh all the way to math class then why don’t you.

  33. Posted by inner sunset pressure

    Off-peak it’s ~12 minutes to the 101 via Oak/Octavia and and the same amount of time to 280 via 7th/Claremont or 19th Ave.
    During peak hours, all routes take 20 minutes or more to navigate.

  34. Posted by sunsetboy

    i think this agent is sniffing glue. these units are priced at over $900 per square foot. the st. regis is selling in the $800 range? hmmmm, luxury buidling vs 7th avenue next to a repair shop. PASS. i wonder how long it will take for this guy to start dropping the prices and FAST!

  35. Posted by wayne

    2 units are already pending at full asking.

  36. Posted by sfrenegade

    Which ones are pending?
    I see:
    #11 listed for $1.175M (as editor said)
    #1 listed for $1.225M (as editor said)
    #7 listed for $1.225M
    #9 listed for $1.395M
    None of these 4 are pending.

  37. Posted by anon

    #11 just sold at asking in arms length transaction

  38. Posted by Larry

    Any idea if this development was steel/concrete construction? If not, what are the height or floor number requirements before they build with steel/concrete?
    I am looking to buy in Pac Heights/Nob Hill (understanding this post is about a property in sunset), and was just curious, because I would much rather live in a steel/concrete building than an old remodeled wood structure.

  39. Posted by sparky-b

    What are you looking to buy? (a house) or units (this is 12). If you want to build in steel/concrete you can, assuming you tear down what is there in Pac Hgts/Nob Hill. The cost is much higher to build in steel and concrete, and if your building new in wood it is not the same as an “old remodeled wood structure”.

  40. Posted by sfrenegade

    Odd that anon on Jan 9 made a point to say it was an “arms length transaction” specifically. Does that make anyone else question whether it was?

  41. Posted by SocketSite

    While we can’t vouch for whether or not the sale of 1327 7th Avenue #11 was arms length, we will confirm that it closed escrow on 1/8 with a reported contract price of $1,150,000 (2% under asking).

  42. Posted by SocketSite

    The list price for 1327 7th Avenue #7 has been reduced $76,000 (6%) while the listing for 1327 7th Avenue #1 has been withdrawn from the MLS without a sale after 127 days on the market.

  43. Posted by sanfrantim

    #5 has been listed at $1.259 ($870 psf) since January.

  44. Posted by Sheila groff

    Does anybody know whether you get any noise or shaking or vibration from all the traffic and trams if you live at 1327 Seventh Avenue facing the courtyard? Thank you very much

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