890 El Camino Del Mar (Image Source:
The confusion isn’t too difficult to understand. But while the Sea Cliff home going on its thirteenth listing is 830 El Camino del Mar, it’s 890 El Camino Del Mar (above and below) which was once home to Paul Kanter and Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane (and the Marshall Wais kidnapping) fame.
890 El Camino Del Mar (
Behind The Great Wrought Iron Wooden Gate At 830 El Camino Del Mar [SocketSite]
Unlucky Lucky Number Thirteen For 830 El Camino Del Mar? [SocketSite]

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Gotta love how those mapjack photos on inclined streets make it look like the houses are tilted. And what’s that guy with the blue backpack up to ?
    Wow, 890 really has a “tip of the iceberg” sort of curb appeal. From the street it looks like a little shed, but attached down the slope is a massive 4(?) story house. The Tardis house perhaps ?

  2. Posted by BobN

    I think the guy in the backpack is looking at the fancy mail box.

  3. Posted by George

    Hey everyone here’s the link for 890 El Camino Del Mar. Back In 99′ for sale. I really like how the house looks from the back but I hate how it looks inside you be the judge.

  4. Posted by joh

    I used to run and bike ride past that house regularly and was fascinated by that mailbox, especially as someone who did lots of mail order shopping (now online) and was never home to sign for the packages.

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