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As we wrote in February:

A “big pit” and un-renovated historic brick building for seven years when the development of a dotcom office park stalled out, in 2007 the calling to become condominiums came.

Originally known as Bryant Commons (76 new “family townhomes and flats” at 2125 Bryant) and Coach House Lofts (23 “highly-stylized lofts in a classic, historic building” at 2101 Bryant), the project is now simply know as “Union.”

Once expected spring 2008, now available “mid 2009” with a placeholder site for the ninety-nine one, two and three bedroom homes online.

As a number of plugged-in readers noted last week, Union’s marketing has begun and an updated website (with floor plans but few photos) has launched. And while the original websites noted 76 units at 2125 Bryant and 23 units at 2101 Bryant, the new site states 53 and 23 (hence our Union of 76).
Prices when we have them.
Union (2101/2125 Bryant) []
Coming Soon: The “Union” Of Bryant Commons And Coach House Lofts [SocketSite]
Bryant Commons (2125 Bryant) / Coach House Lofts (2101 Bryant) [SocketSite]
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Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by jd

    OK-I’ll bite. Any idea of what they are planning on asking for these puppies?

  2. Posted by redseca2

    I ran across this after meeting a friend for lunch Saturday at 24th/Bryant and deciding to walk down Bryant street to fondle the puppies and kittens at the SPCA.
    A very big project under the radar (for me).

  3. Posted by Jeff B

    At least it’s a short walk to brunch on Sunday.

  4. Posted by Douglas

    Has the project been scaled back? You mention fewer units.
    Also, is it just renovating the old brick warehouse or is a portion of it still new construction?
    To be going forward in this market I am guessing the prices will be “reasonable” as that is the only stuff that seems to be able to sell now. 450K – 650K?

  5. Posted by RSVP

    I just looked at the floor plans and it doesn’t appear that any of the condos have a balcony, deck or patio.
    Hopefully some of the town homes will a balcony or deck.

  6. Posted by Shza

    I don’t think that’s correct, RSVP. Look at the floorplan for 306 (a 2-floor 3BR), for instance. That looks like a balcony off of the two upstairs bedrooms.

  7. Posted by viewlover

    the pictures show the ‘white’ or what I believe to be the new building with outdoor space but I don’t think the warehous lofts have an outdoor space from the floorplan.

  8. Posted by RSVP

    Thanks for pointing out the decks on the third floor, Shza…I find it interesting that unit #309 calls the second bedroom a bedroom with no closet. The closet space in all of the plans leaves a lot to be desired…very small, mostly just one per bedroom. But at the right price, that may not be an issue.

  9. Posted by asiagoSF

    I doubled their BMR prices (available on their BMR application) as a guess for what they’ll ask: 1BR=$530k, 2BR=$600k, 3BR=$670.
    HOAs are the $360 to $490

  10. Posted by RSVP

    asiagoSF – if your price guesstimates are fairly accurate, do you have any idea if there are any amenities beyond the basic water, garbage, maintenance, management and insurance? What about parking? Do all units have at least one spot?

  11. Posted by Geo

    soon to be for let…

  12. Posted by Dan

    The Carrera marble kitchens and baths and viking appliances lead me to believe that they will be trying for a bit higher on the prices.
    This is actually a pretty good location, with fairly quiet streets, but near some good restaurants.

  13. Posted by dylar

    Lived just around the corner for 6 years. I’m sure the ‘hood is happy to finally have something built and a real sidewalk again on Bryant. The pit was used as furniture and misc. disposal for many years. Dunno about quiet, especially at the top levels. The freeway is 3 blocks away and tons of ambulances going to and from General. I loved the neighborhood, but there were heroin dealers on 21st and York, and we invented the game of “Man poo or dog poo?” while living there.

  14. Posted by stucco-sux

    @dylar: not much of a game. Dog poo: on your plants. Man-poo: on your front steps.

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