BaySide Vista: Interior
Just west of the 101 on the border of Visitacion Valley and Bayview, BaySide Vista is a collection of 64 new two, three, and four bedroom townhomes with six of the units BMR.
Starting at $449,000 and priced as low as $316 per square foot. The off switch for the website’s Miami lounge beats is at the bottom of the page on the right.
Full Disclosure: While the sales and marketing company for BaySide Vista currently advertises on SocketSite, BaySide Vista currently does not (and did not provide any consideration for this post).
∙ Listing: 2 Megan Drive (2/2.5) 1,208 sqft – $449,000 [MLS]
∙ Listing: 32 Megan Drive (4/2) 1,833 sqft – $579,000 [MLS]
Neighbor(hood) Perspective: Happily Ensconced In Visitacion Valley [SocketSite]
BaySide Vista []

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  1. Posted by Bayviewer

    $449,000 to live on the freeway in the Bayview?
    The developers are dreaming.

  2. Posted by ex SF-er

    I’m not sure if this place is “worth it” or not.
    But for $450k you get a brand new place with 2 bedrooms AND 2.5 bath. And for $560k you get 4 bedrooms. you can raise a family in that. AND there is enough room for a dining room table in the LR/DR area.
    this place (in pics) looks far more luxurious than either ORH or Infinity. but that’s just me.
    obviously the problem is that you have to live in this neighborhood.
    but you can get to Noe valley in like 5 minutes by car and can zip to the South Bay easily as well.
    is that worth saving $500k-$1M??? (rhetorical)

    it is irritating that the pictures for the two linked properties are the same. it means that they’re generic and we have no idea what the true units look like. LAZY.

  3. Posted by CameronRex

    These look pretty nice. The problem is that for a lot of people you could not pay them to live in this area so it doesn’t really matter how nice they are if the people that can afford them would never dare to drive to them.

  4. Posted by Average Joe

    Truly on the border of the Bayview, so not really deep in the ‘hood. The SP Terminal / Schlage factory area redevelopment is going on next door, which will bring in more services / retail. Prices for (unremodeled) SFR in the area tended to be around $390/sq ft in April. So, the price is probably reasonable.
    I’m with ex SF-er that it’s a decent entry point for a family. However, it also is at the gateway to the City dump, that Caltrain station is the worst of the lot, and there’s little greenery in the immediate neighborhood. A family could tire of it quickly.
    This might be an ideal “wait-and-see” situation for first-time buyers. In another 6 months prices aren’t likely to escalate (nor is it likely to be sold out), but loan availability ought to be better and the redevelopment picture will be a bit clearer.
    Although what caught my eye was the low HOA. Anyone here know if at that mark they can actually have any kind of reserves? Or will the first significant repair cause a huge assessment?

  5. Posted by location

    Pricing is probably a bit ambitious. At a similar looking town home development built in ’97 on the other side of the 101, 4/3s have been going for 500k and under. Of course people tend to pay more for that new house smell, and I have no idea which would be the worse side of the freeway to live on there.

  6. Posted by Jeff B

    This looks like a great place to develop a nice cancer. 101 on one side, construction on a toxic Superfund on the other.

  7. Posted by CV

    The Bayshore Caltrain station is actually pretty decent compared to the ones around it. Been to 22nd Street or the South SF Caltrain stations recently? Bayshore station has actual signs and waiting platforms.

  8. Posted by Joe Leland

    Technically Bayside Vista is in Visitacion Valley, equally scary to those of you that fear the Bayview/Hunters Point…I checked out the open house a week ago, there was only one unit staged, a corner unit that is detached on one side. The views are great. Yes, you look out over the now demolished Schlage Lock site and portions of the Dump but you also have unobstructed views of San Bruno Mts and points South…much better then the “city lights” views most homes proclaim. The HOA dues are lower then one would expect, probably because youu are only paying for your two unit building, not the entire development…you won’t have to pay for your neighbors’ leaky roof. The interiors felt very roomy and modern. Lots of stairs. Most units do not have a yard, private open space is provided by small decks.. Compared to other townhomes and condos in the immediate area, I’d say this is the best deal if you want a mondern home but with out the burden of single family homeownership. Great for the starter family.

  9. Posted by Oceangoer

    @ Average Joe. The HOA fees probably do not include insurance and certainly no reserves. That’s not a bad way to go, although you have to be prepared for fairly routine assessments. We have a comparable HOA in our 9-year old building, with 3 units. Works out okay.

  10. Posted by John

    Quite conservative looking.

  11. Posted by cy - a local

    Although the sales office was closed today,I was able to peek into one of the homes in the final stages of construction. What struck me was that..The place actually looks good. Good materials, nice views esp. on top floor, and an overall very solid looking construction. The pictures are accurate.
    One thing to note>> You have to share an entry way and a garage with another unit! Once you enter the front hallway, there are separate solidly, locked doors, but it definitely makes it less private. Property location is not in a great part of town, but as someone mentioned, it is on the “border” of bad and worse – 3rd Street and Sunnydale. Neighborhood looks as if it would improve if only the city and state would get their act together. One good thing about being so close to the freeway exit and entrance, you don’t have to go far into the worse of the area. Probably a good start for someone willing to take a fair risk. Otherwise, it is definitely hard to find these prices for new developments in the City or Peninsula.

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