The two questions:

Do you know anything about the 2 huge new condo developments in the Mission: 1. On Bryant and 19th St across from Blowfish Sushi – it was a 50ft hole in the ground for the last 10 years and now it’s new condos going up fast; and 2. On Florida St and 18th St – a whole block of new condos.

The answer to number one: Bryant Commons and Coach House Lofts. Originally expected spring 2008, the 99 condos are now expected spring 2009.

Bryant Commons and Coach House Lofts

And the answer to number two: Stretching from 18th to 19th, and from Alabama and Florida, the 18th and Alabama development is a 151-unit affordable housing project by Citizens Housing Corporation.

18th and Alabama: Model

117 rental units (“including apartments for large families and seniors”), 34 condominium townhouses (“for-sale”), and “15,000 square feet of community/commercial space, which will be used to house on-site economic development activities for Mission District entrepreneurs and educational classes.”

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Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by hj o'connor

    The idea of additional rental housing is wonderful. a whole block of redevelopment is a little scary.
    does anyone know of any news/plans for the 220+ condos under review for 15th/mission?

  2. Posted by Enthano

    15th and Mission is dead, has been for a while. After it died, there were some talk of affordable housing at the site but I don’t know where discussions have gone.

  3. Posted by nickh

    How about 18th and Mission?
    20th and San Carlos looks mostly complete, but no commercial tenants yet. Ditto 20th and Shotwell, though the 2nd and 3rd floor units had people in them on Friday night. Also, there appears to be a tear down at Harrison and 20th across the street from Gratitude

  4. Posted by Enthano

    18th and Mission will be new condos soon.

  5. Posted by dg

    20th and Harrison is not a teardown technically. I live across the street and have heard from more than one that it is a bakery-type place on the ground floor with either apartments or condos up top. Not sure what delayed it, but that building had plans since 2003 to turn into condos or something.

  6. Posted by Scott Pierce

    The sales center for Bryant Commons and Coach House Lofts should open this fall.

  7. Posted by Zig

    Seems a lot of this new housing will be coming on just in time for the market decline in SF
    Late 2009 looking good for buyers with cash

  8. Posted by Dan

    The affordable units will not compete with market rate units, so the majority of the units described above, coming on the market soon in the Mission, will not be contributing to a glut in market rate housing.
    The city could have allowed enough condos to be built in the Mission to create a glut, and allow market rate condos in the Mission to become more affordable. Instead, the city has prevented most market rate projects from going forward, restricting supply, and thus supporting higher prices.

  9. Posted by Newman

    Bryant Square is 76 units

  10. Posted by Scott

    Dan’s got it right. Further supporting high prices is the city’s absurd near-ban on condo-conversions, which is the only real way to create lots of affordable housing in SF. renters should become owners, it’s best for both the people and the city. yes, renters can afford $150k apartments, and there would be plenty of them if restrictions were lifted.
    meddling with the free market is a recipe for shortages and black markets, econ 101. rents in san fran increased 11% last year and vacancy was statistically zero. thanks rent control!

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