3872 19th Street: Rear
3872 19th Street sports panoramic city views from the top two floors and a THX home theater below, but no deeded parking (the listed spot is leased for $200 per month).
3872 19th Street: Floor Plan
Purchased in June of 2006 for $2,100,000, asking $2,095,000 today. And as always, it’s time to go on record if you’re planning to play the “I told you so” card.
∙ Listing: 3872 19th Street (4/3.5) – $2,095,000 [MLS]
A Parking Space (And MLS) Pet Peeve [SocketSite]

22 thoughts on “Apples To Apples In Dolores Heights With Big Views: 3872 19th Street”
  1. I will go on record and say that 19th street, for whatever reason, has not been particularly kind to its housing stock over the past nine months or so. This property is very nice, but it lacks parking. Can it get the same amount basically as three years ago? My guess is about 50K less, and that it sells for just over 2M.

  2. I love this location and the bones of this place look generally very nice. A garage with elevator would be nice but I really don’t mind the stairs.
    But is that wall-to-wall carpeting in the upstairs bedroom and hallways? Yuck.
    And the media room carpeting and red velvet stuff is atrocious.

  3. This house is big enough, feels warm, in one of the greatest locations (I fell in love with SF walking as a visitor in these streets).
    A bit of redecoration to provision of course. Plus how far is the parking?
    I am not very often bullish but I’ll say it sells at around asking.

  4. I want to like this place, but just can’t get over some of its issues. The stairs are even worse on the google street view (name link). Yikes. Probably 150k to add 2 spots. 250 to do it plus elevator if it’s even possible. The no parking and stairs are simply killer.

  5. My guess is about 50K less, and that it sells for just over 2M.
    I’ll take the under. Closes for $1.95m some time in September.

  6. I would think the Dolores Heights land value would exceed the Noe land value but maybe that’s just my personal bias. Anonn would presumably know.

  7. Definitely. That’s a big view block and its “land value” commands a premium most Noe blocks do not. If it was totally updated and had a garage it’s a 3M house easily. But it’s neither.

  8. I pretty much hate everything except the view and floor plan. Nice flow on the main floor, nice separation of bedrooms. (Except the one that has to walk through the other bedroom to get to the bath, I guess it’s only meant to be an office.)

  9. I’ll guess 3872 19th goes for under $1.9M, assuming it sells. $200K capital loss + another $125K all in transaction cost loss = $325K+ in money heaven seems to be about the best you can get away with from such an ill-timed bubble purchase.
    (I am assuming that this is a true “apple” and that there haven’t been any siginificant renovations – no permits that I see, but I guess permits don’t always tell the whole story.)

  10. 3911 sold for $2.095 last July. It lacked a media room, but had a two car garage and an elevator.
    So, what’s up with the MLS photos? A roulette wheel? What is that – some kind of metaphor? And the shower with a bust of Homer?

  11. No deeded parking is killer at this price point in this market. Look at 908 Steiner. As nice as it is, I predict it will not move.

  12. I’m torn whether that separate exit for the lower bedroom on the stair landing would be nice or just useless.
    The media room could be nice, except that it’s in the deepest, farthest corner of the whole house. At least it has a bathroom nearby, but you have to walk quite a ways if you are hungry and want to get a snack.
    I’d probably turn that lower level bedroom into an office and workshop, the exercise room into a kitchen/bar/entertaining space (would compliment the media room nicely), and use the upper level third bedroom as an exercise space. (The last thing I want to do after a hard workout is climb two stories worth of stairs to take a shower)

  13. I walked this house in 2006 and from the pics, _nothing_ has been changed or updated. It has a nice flow but the deficits (number one being the lack of parking and the steps to entry, all outlined comprehensively above and also: the lack of updating) are real. There is a way to slip a garage in the yard in front (re-grade the yard in front of the house) and an elevator up at the rear of that through the storage room on the first level to take up the left half of the front porch. That is probably a $250K project minimum though. I too don’t see this going for asking at the current price — it could go quickly for $300K less, imo.

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