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An update on the former Schlage Lock Factory demolition and Visitacion Valley redevelopment by way of a plugged-in tipster:

The Board of Supervisors voted unanimously last month to support the creation of the [Visitacion Valley] Redevelopment Area, and the Mayor signed off on it as well (this area as you might recall includes two zones, the former Schlage Lock factory site, as well as the commercial corridors on Bayshore and Leland Avenues).

Demolition started on 4.20, and the combined demo, cleanup, and soil/groundwater remediation is going to take place over the next 30 months. After that–horizontal, and then vertical construction!

The first stage involved asbestos and lead paint abatement for all interiors, plus removal of mercury switches and other toxic components. There are four demolition permits that were issued, two were contested by a property owner adjacent to the site, and just last night that appeal was rejected at a Board of Appeals meeting–so it’s full steam ahead and the plan is for all structures to be down within a three month window.

The project will be a LEED-ND (neighborhood design) pilot project. The old original office building at Bayshore and Blanken is going to be preserved and retrofit for community purposes (yet to be determined and a whole other planning process, to be sure).

We’ll keep you plugged-in.
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  1. Too much retail space in the plan. It would be better to have small business space. America has about 40% more space devoted to retail than it needs.

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