Visitacion Valley Redevelopment: Urban Concept Plan
“The City’s old Schlage Lock factory, closed in 1999 and left derelict since then, will finally meet the proverbial wrecking ball, perhaps as soon as February, according to city officials.
The Planning Commission on Thursday approved a proposal to transform the abandoned site and the neighborhood around it into a 46-acre transit village. The plan consists of cleaning up rife contamination from 70 years of lock manufacturing and building hundreds of new homes, parks, businesses and even a grocery store.”
Schlage Lock factory may finally meet wrecking balls [SFExaminer]
Unlocking The Potential Of Visitacion Valley: The Former Schlage Site [SocketSite]

6 thoughts on “San Francisco Planning Commission Green Lights Schlage Demo”
  1. Turin, it has been a massive fenced-off, graffiti-covered, empty building for a couple decades. A dirt lot is a massive improvement.

  2. this has excellent potential for average San Franciscans. With an electrified Caltrain to the TransBay you will have BART like transit service.
    This is really what the Bay Area needs. More transit accessible housing opportunities for working class people.

  3. I think the plan calls for 1200 units which I guess is “hundreds” but it’s a lot. The neighborhood will be well over the average San Francisco population density, which is a good thing.

  4. Parkways always look nice on plans. In reality, they sort of suck, except that they provide a nice view for drivers, which, I’m sure we can all agree, IS the point of open space.

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