555 Washington: Residential versus Office design
A plugged-in tipster notes a neighborhood meeting this evening (5/12) to “preview” the proposed designs for 555 Washington Street and an expanded Redwood Park.
Redwood Park Rendering
The line that caught – and almost brought a tear to – our eyes:

The Jackson Square Historic District property owners, the Barbary Coast Neighborhood Association, the North Beach Neighbors and other neighborhood organizations are in support of the new 240+ condominiums, next to the TransAmerica Pyramid.

5:00 PM in the Small conference center building in the Transamerica Pyramid block.
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7 thoughts on “A Gathering Of 555 Washington And Redwood Park YIMBY’s”
  1. The original proposal does meet the Transamerica architect’s purpose which is that tall buildings should let light down to the streets- he did this with tapered crowns and this building appears to do the same- tapering off into the air. I wonder what color it will be?

  2. I don’t think this provides a good counterpunch visually to the pyramid. It’s a great building –for another location.

  3. Any insight as to why the local neighborhood associations seem to be on board with this? Is it just because the alternative tower is so blah? The larger Redwood Park? They are usually anti everything.

  4. The Neighborhood groups, from Chinatown, North Beach, Jackson Square and the Barbary Coast are in favor of bringing a residential component to an office and business district of San Francisco.
    The proposed larger public park, but privately maintained will be popular with the new condominium owners as well as the business neighbors.
    The proposed height (40 stories) of the new building is still subject to various public hearings, of which there will opportuities for divergent opinioins.

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