1333 Waller Street
This remodeled San Francisco Queen Anne is “Fall” in the row of “Four Seasons” Victorians on Waller (1333 Waller) and has been on the market for a few weeks asking $1,895,000.
1333 Waller: Living
Purchased for $1,850,000 in October of 2005. And no word on any explict deed restrictions should you feel like projecting more of a Spring soul.
∙ Listing: 1333 Waller (4/2.5) – $1,895,000 [Nina Hatvany] [MLS]

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  1. Posted by curmudgeon

    Wow, great place. I don’t think of Waller&Masconic as “Ashbury Heights”, but rather “the Haight”, but I don’t know what the real estate maps say. I would love this house so much more if it were up the hill a block or two, or on the other side of Buena Vista.

  2. Posted by redseca2

    One more block up is the offical wino line where shopping carts fear to tread..

  3. Posted by anotheranon

    there was a long article on this home in the chronicle a few weeks ago.

  4. Posted by Conifer

    Very nice, very SF. A lot of white inside. Looks bigger than 2650, and has a facade presence much bigger too. Also the date 1906 seems late for the facade architecture: by then they were building more boxy places. As for the price, someone overpaid in 2005 for the neighborhood.

  5. Posted by Rubicon

    Love it — complete 180 from my childhood 70’s stucco 3/2 rancher in the desert.
    Walking is this area a couple months ago I saw a realtor sign in front of a funky victorian. The realtor had a big ‘ol color picture of hisself on the sign. In the pic he was flanked by his two dalmatians and was wearing a dalmation tie.
    Yes, really.

  6. Posted by 45yo hipster

    ^ I know that dude! Forgot his name but he’s an old time SF realtor. I too noticed the tie…

  7. Posted by eddy

    I actually visited this house last weekend as it seemed like a lot of home for the money. I came away with mixed feelings. It does have a lot of charm, but it has some issues. It’s not very deep, but it is wide so it gives an illusion of grandness but it really isn’t all that grand. There is a half bath off the dining room that would be very awkward to use if you were entertaining. Once you’re inside it feels much smaller due to the shallow depth of the house. The oven/broiler is small and I suspect it would be hard to upgrade it since it is wedged into a wall. It’s right off a busy Masonic intersection, and only a few blocks away from a very active Haight soup kitchen. Drive way is tight and garage / lower level need some help. I really wanted to love this house as it has an incredible street charm / San Francisco appeal but I just couldn’t get over all of the compromises.
    This is a relocation sale as the prior owners have moved and a relo company has taken on the burden of selling so there are some hurdles to clear with this one, but it could present an opportunity to steal this place with a ‘seller’ who has no emotion on sale price.
    Personally, there was a home on Ashbury (listed on SS) a few months ago that was around the same price (sold @2.2M), was much bigger, grander and felt all-around more comfortable than this home does. That one sold in the high 800’s psf; and this one is around 666psf. I think it sells for closer to $1.7. A lot of compromises and for $1.9 there are a lot nicer places to live; albeit w/o as much charm as this home.

  8. Posted by eddy

    Here is the examiner article:
    Nice history.

  9. Posted by Rocco

    Eddy: the soup kitchen closed last year.
    The house needs work. It’s tired, the kitchen’s not to everyone’s taste and there are some egress issues in the back that must be addressed. The owners tried to rent it for about a month. No idea what they were asking, but it must have been too much.
    I live a block away. Waller Street’s quite pleasant, although on weekends there’s traffic generated by Haight Street one block to the north. But considering that you’re a block away from one of the world’s premier tourist destination, not so bad.

  10. Posted by EBGuy

    No foreclosures in the pipeline in The Haight… that’s about as “real SF” as you can get.

  11. Posted by antihero

    That view of the top of St Ignatius at USF is absolutely gorgeous at night.

  12. Posted by eddy

    Rocco — that is good news. I didn’t know that! That lot is still a major ‘hangout’ but it sounds like it’s no longer the draw it was before.
    I actually almost bought a house just down the block in 2006 — first house in from Ashbury on that same block — and the soup kitchen was one of the factors that kept me away. There was another home on Buelah right by Kezar that was really beautiful that sold around that same time for $1.65. Both those houses were more livable and clean and less expensive and this was alomst 3 years ago.

  13. Posted by p.th

    That lot is still a major ‘hangout’ but it sounds like it’s no longer the draw it was before.
    That former soup kitchen lot (former Methodist church) is currently a City Car Share lot with 4 vehicles. Rather useful, and a very minor hangout at most.

  14. Posted by p.th

    One thing to keep in mind about the Four Seasons/Six Sisters is that their most naturally attractive view (from Haight and Masonic) is currently obstructed by trolley wires for the 6 Parnassus, which continues up Masonic until Frederick.
    However, Muni’s TEP proposes to move the 6 to Haight all the way to Stanyan…which would mean the wires would probably come down.
    Unfortunately, given the expense of moving trolley wires, Muni’s current deficit, and the neighborhood controversy over the 6 line, this change is now the least likely part of the TEP. A shame.

  15. Posted by Eric in SF

    p.th – Do you remember when Muni tried to electrify the 71 down Lincoln? Residents shot that one down pretty quickly under the guise of “ugly wires.”
    I don’t see the residents of Cole allowing those “ugly wires” to go up if the 6 is rerouted. Nor do I see those same residents allowing *another* diesel line – the 43 already runs on Cole – if Muni tries to sidestep the wire issue.
    I can live with obstructed views in exchange for carbon-free transit. MUNI electricity is hydroelectric, not fossil based.

  16. Posted by p.th

    What’s the maximum speed of trolleybuses anyway? I wouldn’t have wanted to lose the wire at speed on Lincoln.
    I think you’re still talking about the first TEP proposal which was to run the 6 on Cole. That got shot down (I’m guessing) because of congestion concerns in Cole Valley, the neighbors, and the need for five blocks of wires.
    The proposal was revised to run along Stanyan, which isn’t very congested and already has wires running down most of it. And half the number of NIMBYs, because residents of the park don’t show up to Muni board meetings.
    But like I said, I expect this change is moot unless more federal infrastructure funding falls out of the sky.

  17. Posted by Eric in SF

    Ah – hadn’t heard that. The flyers at Ashbury Market disappeared months ago and I’m not invested in the 6 enough to seek out the latest info.
    I’d already come to the same ‘moot’ decision as you regarding the TEP when the economy tanked. =)

  18. Posted by Rocco

    Eddy: The church formerly housed a family homeless shelter in addition to the soup kitchen. Currently there is a Food Bank distribution canter that’s open mid0day for about two hours every Saturday.
    As per p.th it’s currently a City Car Share pod with four cars.

  19. Posted by eddy

    Perhaps “Fall” is a reference to the asking price which as now “Fallen” ~5% below the original ask and ~2.5% it’s original purchase in 2005. I stand by my $1.7M prediction.

  20. Posted by eddy

    Fall fell, In Escrow.

  21. Posted by eddy

    Sold Price: $1,725,000.

  22. Posted by NeonGreenRaver

    I love it as well. The basement kinda creeps me out. I think it might be the grand staircase going down there. Feels like Amityville Horror or A Haunting in Conn.

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