Transbay Block 8 Massing (steelblue and NEORAMA via

You knew it was in the pipeline and you’ve seen the RFP (to which three responded and will compete), now we treat the plugged-in people to an exclusive massing for Transbay Block 8 (in red) and its environs as proposed.

Bragging rights for naming the pipeline buildings, bonus points for probabilities and time.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by jessep

    Wow, the pyramid looks very small in this photo.
    Great rendering though 🙂

  2. Posted by Meh

    Is it me or are we squandering some very valuable land in exchange for some nebulous sense of what downtown should look like?
    Look at all those low rise buildings in this render – and this is basically it for real highrise development in SF – this is the only land left likely to allow it.

  3. Posted by yao

    it’s not just you.
    more density & height please.

  4. Posted by jamie

    The slender towers are intended to preserve views and exposure to light and air – make the area livable. I agree .. go high, but don’t create an environment dark and similar to a prison.

  5. Posted by lolcat_94123

    i think it should stay red.

  6. Posted by jlasf

    Surrounded by tall buildings in virtually every direction, won’t the much-touted CityPark complex be in the shade most of the time?
    I saw the initial presentation of this and I had one thought: it will be like a new Embarcadero Freeway. It’s going to be dark underneath and break up the flow of the city.

  7. Posted by Noe 94131

    I’m thinking of starting a petition to get lolcat_94123 appointed to the planning commission. Who’s with me?

  8. Posted by ab

    It would be great if someone would render all of these into google earth 3D buildings.. Not it.

  9. Posted by gowiththeflow

    Someone all ready has – long ago.

  10. Posted by Rocco

    There’s an awful lot “unbuilt” in that image. I think we’re in for a few more decades of windswept open spaces.

  11. Posted by trannymess

    Bye bye “unobstructed” Millennium views! >:-)

  12. Posted by sf THE CITY

    What’s with 535 Mission being so tall?

  13. Posted by NoeValleyJim

    I don’t understand why Meh thinks that the buildings are low rise. Every single one of the new buildings are larger than the Millennium. A bunch of the older SOMA buildings remain and some of them are low rise, are you proposing using eminent domain or something to force them to be torn down and rebuilt as well?

  14. Posted by ceppers

    I believe the point was are we maximizing the build out potential on the last available buildable high rise parcels in all of SF?
    I dont believe this plan does that.

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