1097 Howard #308: Living
As we wrote about Lighthouse Lofts (1097 Howard) #308 when it was listed for $2,400,000 and sold for $2,450,000 in 2007:

Featuring 18-foot ceilings up high, and hickory and pecan hardwood floors down low; a glass enclosed shower and tub with views (in more ways than one)…

1097 Howard #308: Master Bath

[At] 4,200 square feet of living space, unit #308 is actually a merger of three lofts into one. And yes, a merger of three monthly HOA payments [($1,199)] and two parking spaces to match.

As we added after the fact in 2007:

While the Brazilian owner…admittedly suffered through the first winter, the addition of two gas fireplaces has apparently made all the difference in the world (PG&E bills maxed out at around $200/month…and typically run under $100).

Also, it’s definitely loft living but the pictures don’t do it justice (especially the master bath and kitchen), the little touches are great (washer/dryer in the walk-in master closet; electric shades; sliding panels and storage), and the urban views (from the Federal Building to One Rincon) are to be appreciated.

And as we write today: the Lighthouse Lofts apple of our eye is back on the market and asking $2,300,000.
∙ Listing: 1097 Howard #308 (3/2.5) 4,207 sqft – $2,300,000 [MLS]
The Lighthouse Lofts In General (1097 Howard), And #308 In Specific [SocketSite]

24 thoughts on “The Lighthouse Lofts Apple Of Our Eye Returns (1097 Howard #308)”
  1. I would think the heating bill would be much higher than $200 max! Nicely done with a not so bad price tag considering the square footage. However, location is not exact prime SOMA. I wonder how much it’ll go for in the end?
    [Editor’s Note: Of course those were 2007 heating bill dollars…]

  2. as many know, I don’t usually like lofts. But this loft is spectacular. very beautiful, a showcase home.
    my only gripe is that the ceilings seem awfully low on the second floor, especially pic #15 on the MLS. are those like 6 ft ceilings? seems very claustrophobic to me
    otherwise that place is absolutely stunning.
    I don’t dig that part of town, but I guess it lends to the “I’m a real loft” feel.

  3. This is a really nice renovation architecturally. Would be hard to do better.
    From a RE point if view the bedroom space is clauastrophobic b/c of the low upper level ceiling and its only maybe real sf area.
    i think it will 1.90 mil quickly just b/c of huge area and finishes even fairly bad location.

  4. “the Brazilian owner” — man, Americans are good at getting foreigners to drastically overpay for things! I kind of like lofts, but isn’t the whole point of buying industrial space in an extremely sh**ty part of town that it is cheap? So one can choose between a renovated 3000 sf SFR in the Marina (3271 Baker) or a renovated 4000 sf loft in the “Tenderloin Extension” for about the same price (except the loft also has $1200 in HOA fees). Maybe the demand for real lofts is far greater than I realize, but I can’t imagine anyone paying that much in this neighborhood even for the Taj Mahal.
    [Editor’s Note: Just to be clear, the “Brazilian” was the seller in 2007 and he’s actually lived and worked in San Francisco (as an agent) for quite some time.]

  5. The bedroom space is cozy and the location has realness.
    The best way to heat a space like this is to have some cute young things do their cardio there. At these price levels, that isn’t especially hard to arrange.

  6. Toured this one last time it was on the market. The space is striking, no question. And the current owner (an agent, if I recall correctly) made huge strides in getting rid of the awful Tuscan yellow/orange everything seemed to be painted. The light is amazing, and it’s got good urban views.
    Last time it came off as weird, verging on creepy. Strange proportions too, since the second level is offset at a weird angle. The catwalk leads only to a small platform with a desk, which is also a bit weird. It’s like an interior bridge to nowhere.
    The real problem is the kitchen. It’s a modular European unit, and effectively in a cave against a wall under the second level. The steel enclosure to the kitchen swings out, which seems cool but really isn’t. It’s a redo, and an expensive one, to bring it up the standard of living for the space. Unless you’re so urban that you don’t use the kitchen… which definitely fits under the banner of “lifestyle choice”.
    Heating costs are not surprising given that it’s radiant. I heat a 2100sf loft with radiant (and crap insulation) for $60/month.
    As for the ‘hood, it’s not for some people. And that’s OK. It’s nothing worth getting indignant about, however. Striking, huge, industrial spaces are not exactly available at Chestnut and Avila. And as I expected/hoped, interesting local spots like Terroir, City Beer Store, Bloodhound and others are popping up. I’ll take Terroir over the California Wine Merchant any day of the week.

  7. There’s a pretty good packaging materials store a block or so up from this place, The Packaging Store (1255 Howard). Not as cheap as Costco mail order for standard boxes, but very good for odd-shaped and specialty sorts of packaging, and overall it seemed a pretty good deal for SF. Parking was easy the few times I went there.

  8. Anyone remember the movie “Ghost”? For some reason this place totally reminds me of the loft that Patrick Swayze & Demi Moore lived in. I have no idea if that makes me a) A closet Ghost fan, or b) Out of my mind, but for whatever reason that movie came to mind. Beautiful space, and I kind of like that “Bridge to Nowhere” desk.
    Regarding the neighborhood, to quote the famous song from Ghost:
    “Tiiiime…goes by. So sloowly…and time, can do, so much…”
    Just kidding – the ‘hood does suck, and probably will for a long time. That being said, if I knew I had this to come home to I wouldn’t mind stepping over some homeless feces from time to time to get there.

  9. Anybody know where to get the light in the upper right hand side of the top picture that is hanging from the ceiling? (sorry for the OT request)

  10. I think this place is fantastic. The Being John Malkovitch 5′ tall bedroom is sort of odd (and likely becomes the storage room – it would be a fantastic kids room, but who would have kids in that location), but subtract it from the bedroom count and the square footage and the rest of the place is still huge and great and it goes for 2.3.
    Note to editor: more ways THAN one, not THAT one.
    [Editor’s Note: Cheers. And having stood in said bedroom, the ceiling height is fine.]

  11. personally I could never live here.
    It’s an incredible space for sure, but I can’t take a location that bad.
    I’m a walker and that area is very bad.
    Having said that, it appears quite reasonably priced.

  12. ‘Is there really a such thing as “prime SOMA?”‘
    Oh, absolutely. It’s a big neighborhood that, like any SF hood, changes block by block. Not trying to start some off-topic debate, but I’d say that the nice part of Soma is basically anything east of 5th Street. The 5th to 6th block is a gray area, and west of 6th is basically skid row. With pockets of exception, of course.

  13. So, this reminds someone of “Ghost” and someone else of “Being John Malkovitch.” Perhaps it’s the “Ghost of John Malkovitch.”

  14. This is a beautiful space and I sincerely hope they get what they are asking for.
    I know this is not the area for a debate….but I have lived in SOMA for 12 years and wouldn’t live in any other part of the city. I am so sick of people putting down my ‘hood. It is an incredible part of SF with a diversity you will find no where else. Keep your comments about yourself and go back to the MARINA!!!

  15. I love how the nutty comments come out whenever there’s a place in a non-prime part of SOMA. “west of 6th is basically skid row”? You’ve clearly never been to skid row, or explored most of the area west of 6th! 🙂
    The corner of 7th and howard is actually one of the more boring corners in SOMA, IMHO. Some of the surrounding streets get a bit sketchy, but it’s nothing like the heart of the Tenderloin or 6th street. Even the traffic here isn’t too bad (for SOMA, the traffic gutter for the rest of the City).

  16. Hey – that’s my name (amused). And I live in SOMA. Weird.
    Agreed, though. Not an amazing place (which I would define as, oh, 18th and Guerrero), but not a dangerous place (Eddy and Mason). Certainly better than the Outer Sunset.

  17. amused,
    I think I was here before you, but since I rarely post, you probably had no idea. Since you’re more of a regular, I’d easily give up my handle if you thought there was confusion.

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