Lighthouse Lofts (1097 Howard)
The Lighthouse Building (1097 Howard) was built in 1924 for the San Francisco Lighthouse for the Blind Association and provided for both industrial and administrative needs.

Attempts to renovate the structure in 1982 and 1989 were abandoned and the organization merged with the Rose Resnick Foundation and relocated. The building was vacant from 1982 to 1996 when rehabilitation began for it’s present use as 22 live/work loft condominiums.

And now, one of the the most spectacular units in the building (if not neighborhood) has hit the market. Featuring 18-foot ceilings up high, and hickory and pecan hardwood floors down low; a glass enclosed shower and tub with views (in more ways than one); and 4,200 square feet of living space, unit #308 is actually a merger of three lofts into one. And yes, a merger of three monthly HOA payments ($1,137) and two parking spaces to match.
1097 Howard
1097 Howard: Master Shower/Bath
∙ Listing: 1097 Howard #308 (3/2.5) 4,207 sqft – $2,400,000 [MLS]
Lighthouse Lofts (1097 Howard) []

21 thoughts on “The Lighthouse Lofts In General (1097 Howard), And #308 In Specific”
  1. The shower makes me think of the Playboy Mansion. If I were young, single and rich, this is the place that I’d buy to impress the female species.

  2. if the buyer lowers the offer to $800K i can buy right now. please oh please. I am young single and not rich, but would like to impress women with that shower

  3. I can’t imagine trying to maintain that shower. Egads! Though of course if could afford to buy a $2m place then perhaps it wouldn’t matter. Sorry to bring a dose of reality to the fantasy, boys.

  4. Wow, let me introduce another voice of reason. The heating bill for my old loft that was half that size was over $600 a month. Also, let’s take a moment to reflect on the fact that all three bedrooms are open to the cavernous, echoing open space. I’m guessing the new owner will be a single guy or a couple.

  5. Amenities look amazing, but the location is horrible. I’m sure that someone who can afford a property worth $2.4 million can figure that out.

  6. I know lofts are “in” but man is it hard to live in one IMO.
    You can’t sleep if others are up and around, since the sound travels everywhere.
    everybody essentially has to go to bed at the same time, and god forbid anyone snores!
    Lofts are cool in concept, but give me WALLS!
    That said, it’s a beautiful space.

  7. oh my that makes the little heart flutter…sigh. let’s not spoil the fantasy: who cares about cleaning the shower, let’s focus on showering in that shower…

  8. PropertyShark says the original #308 loft (pre-merger) was sold in ’97 for $100k with 1400sqft. Assuming the original 3 units were purchased at the same time that would come out to a total of $300k in 1997. If the seller gets his/her asking price then that would turn out to be a pretty good investment.

  9. I’ve had the pleasure to hang out in this loft.. and it is truly stunning. the location is not ‘horrible’ as someone pointed out.. but rather has a rather spectacular view of the federal building from the gigantic windows.
    And the bathroom is truly a sweet place to spend some time. Steam, bath, shower the whole deal in one.
    The heating situation is not ideal, however. Otherwise, the best loft i’ve ever seen. The new owner needs to be loaded!

  10. I had a tour of this loft when it was under construction a few years ago. At that time it was considered a milestone for pricing in that neighborhood. I remember it being owned by two guys from Europe.

  11. While the Brazilian owner (and agent) admittedly suffered through the first winter, the addition of two gas fireplaces has apparently made all the difference in the world (PG&E bills maxed out at around $200/month this past winter and typically run under $100).
    Also, it’s definitely loft living but the pictures don’t do it justice (especially the master bath and kitchen), the little touches are great (washer/dryer in the walk-in master closet; electric shades; sliding panels and storage), and the urban views (from the Federal Building to One Rincon) are to be appreciated.

  12. the place is great but I have to agree that the location is Horrible. Calculate at least 1 mugging per year into the price

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