188% Haight (www.SocketSite.com)
The parking out back is a bit funky, and its insides need some work, but we do like the bones of 188 Haight and its proximity to what could one day be.
∙ Listing: 188 Haight (4/2.5) – $1,095,000 [MLS]
55 Laguna: Approved On Appeal And In Front Of San Francisco’s BOS [SocketSite]

17 thoughts on “Caution: A Few Forward Looking Statements For 188 Haight”
  1. It’s refreshing to see an unstaged home. That place is huge and the relatively low price $273/sq.ft. reflects the somewhat less desirable location.
    It seems like a good value to me at asking though.

  2. Many pluses: A SFH zoned as RH3 (expansion potential at first glance), a lot with access on both Rose and Haight. But what’s with 198 next door? The garage looks like 15 feet wide when the front must be 25 or 30 feet. It’s as if 198 partly expanded on 188. For expansion potential, this will have consequences.

  3. I don’t know what mapjack’s problem is, but every mapjack link posted here for the past year has resolved to a street in Thailand. No joke. (firefox on os/x, and yes I’ve cleared cache, reinstalled, etc.)

  4. Yeah, I get the same mapjack journey to a Thai beach town too. Maybe this is subliminal advertising from the Thai tourism board ?
    On the location – its proximity to the geographical center of the city is excellent. But some of the surrounding blocks are not the greatest.
    It looks like a superficial fixer to me. In the crazy flipper era one could invest about $80K here and flip it for easily $400K more. Even in this environment it might be flippable for a profit.

  5. This is definitely in a poor neighborhood but the location is pretty central and the area is likely to improve over time. The place appears to be livable right now and many of the improvements could be done DIY. At this price, I bet it moves quickly.

  6. That is really nice, and the lack of staging highlights the generous spaces. Lower Haight is very trendy right now, so relative to potential and hipness this could be viewed as being in a prime area.
    That zoning is extremely inviting. Someone who knows what they are doing could make this into some really excellent units.

  7. Saw the house this evening. Needs a LOT of work; structural and cosmetic. A whole new foundation to begin–the present one being unreinforced brick showing some significant deterioration. Very odd layout. The kitchen/dining room are below the main level, with the kitchen opening to the back. Top level has bedrooms. The reduced width of the open roofed garage is because of a storage shed built next to it. My sense is that the fix-up required is pretty serious.

  8. This one’s in escrow — fast! So is 3271 Baker — slow. Morale of the story: price a place reasonably (meaning at least 20% under peak prices) it will sell. Price it unreasonably, it won’t sell (until you reduce it).

  9. Speaking of the Haight, anyone have any insight as to why 38 Lyon appears so cheap — $386/ft²??

  10. Speaking of the Haight, anyone have any insight as to why 38 Lyon appears so cheap — $386/ft²??
    A few sight unseen thoughts. The first is that really big 5-B houses are typically less per foor than people think, and this one is very large indeed. Often it’s the larger, the less per foot. Also there is a notation about special restrictions due to the basement unit. And why eight bedrooms? Seems like it’s a fixer, and probably needs some gutting and new foundation. But you’re right. That’s a lot of house. It’s only been on the market five or six days tho, so let’s see.

  11. Thanks for the insights, my guess was there is some fixing to be done as well, or maybe there is a tenant in the unwarranted basement unit?
    but for the location and size that seems priced to move on the surface.

  12. Apparently we weren’t the only ones who liked the bones of 188 Haight which closed escrow on 4/8/09 with a reported contract price of $1,215,000.
    Don’t forget those invitations to the housewarming. Post remodeling preferred.

  13. Not surprised. An RH3 with decent bones and crossing the block, even though the neighborhood is not perfect. It could even give some decent ROI as a rental if you can control construction costs for converting it into the 3 units it deserves to be. There are definitely better and better deals these days.

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