Transbay Temporary Terminal Site

A plugged-in reader ties it all together:

Today the City is holding a ground breaking at the site of the future temporary Transbay terminal. The coincidence is that Fat Mike‘s record label (FatWreckChords) was located in the larger of the 2 buildings that will be demolished in the coming days (200 Folsom).

Also noted (although in a few more words), cater-corner from Infinity.

Temporary Transbay Terminal: Site

10 thoughts on “Transbay Transit Center Groundbreaking, Fat Mike & Infinity All In One”
  1. At least that building will no longer be a haven for the homeless. Hopefully, they don’t flock to the seats at the terminal.

  2. Yes, you are confused jessep.
    The “freeway” you see in the photo is the bus-only ramp into the existing terminal. The (Embarcadero) freeway is long gone.

  3. Long term value at the Infinity will be affected by whether the HSR/Caltrain project terminates at 4th & King or Transbay Terminal. If the former, then you just live next to a giant bus stop that doesn’t go that many places. If the latter, then this becomes super prime real estate.

  4. gmh –
    Totally agree with you. Note that the same applies to commercial real estate downtown. You’ll be either working in a good size economic center, or a world size one.

  5. Check Prop 1A wording – the voters approved a bond to connect the Transbay Terminal in San Francisco to whatevertheycallitinLaLaland in Los Angeles. Jesus Christ, I can’t believe anyone takes Quentin Kopp’s asinine quotes for any value at all = he needs to retire and make way for someone who still has their faculties.

  6. Wait…my understanding was that the transbay high speed is not a done deal, “extra $1.1 Billion to go from caltrain to the transbay” they said. Is this not correct?

  7. Money is still needed to fulfill the voters 1999-ish Prop. H decision to extend Caltrain to the Transbay Terminal. I believe the notion is that the TJPA was eyeballing some money from the High Speed Rail Bond issue $9.9 billion to help fill the gap. Quentin Kopp made a dumbass comment that he’s fine with Caltrain and high speed rail terminating at 4th and Townsend/King. However, I point you to the Prop 1A wording … connect Transbay and L.A.’s whatever (I have no time to read particulars for quoting here).
    Money is still needed … not mention Caltrain needs to figure out how to electrify a portion of trains that would travel underground beyond the current Caltrain station and on into Transbay Transit Center. However, with some political will (God help us, given term limits and all), I hope/pray to see Caltrain sometime in the next decade pulling into 1st and Mission’s new Transit Center. 🙂

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