Eastern Neighborhoods Map
It was a busy week for the San Francisco Board of Supervisors as the Eastern Neighborhoods plan was unanimously approved as lending, new development and sales across the City continue to slow down.
Chronicle Graphic: Hunters/Candlestick Point Redevelopment Plan
The financial plan for Lennar to develop Candlestick Point was approved 10-1 (with only Supervisor Daly opposing).
Potrero Hill Power Plant:Aerial (Image Source:
And the knife was turned on the Mayor’s proposal to retrofit Mirant’s Potrero Hill power plant, but with no clear alternative in sight.
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Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by RG

    Anybody heard how the credit crunch is going to affect the development of Hunter’s Point? Or Transbay for that matter? I know Mission Bay is hitting road blocks (despite having credit tenants ready to sign huge leases) because construction lending has all but stopped. Just curious if these other massive projects are about to hit the wall…

  2. Posted by Can't think of cool name

    Is there any detail posted anywhere on mass-transit proposals for the Candlestick/Hunters Point redevelopment?

  3. Posted by Zig

    mass transit? The bus

  4. Posted by zzzzzzzz

    Note that ~50 housing developments were put on hold while the Eastern Neighborhood plan was being debated. Now that it’s finally been approved, the credit crunch probably means very few of those will be built any time soon – if ever! Net result: less housing in a city that desperately needs more. Great going….

  5. Posted by Andrew

    One could be cynical enough to believe that this was delayed so that all the market-rate buyers and renters would NOT get to live in SF, thereby tilting the common-sense factor against the ultra-liberals.
    Of course, they would never do anything to prevent housing from being built!

  6. Posted by flaneur

    Mass transit: A few of these units are within walking distance of the Third St. lightrail which will eventually turn into the Cental Subway. And there are enough units to justify running a dedicated shuttle between the development and Third St.
    A city that desperately needs more housing: If you do not mind riding BART, there is a lot of housing available in Oakland, where there is less fog in the summer, and in my experience, people are friendlier.

  7. Posted by BobN

    The time to put the 3rd Street rail underground was before the neighborhood filled up.
    Of course, no one could see that area developing or anything…

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