Potrero Hill Power Plant:Aerial (Image Source: local.live.com)
“Mayor Gavin Newsom asked city legislators to delay a vote on a controversial plan to build a new power plant in Potrero Hill that will replace an older, more polluting plant, saying he needs another week to work on an alternative strategy.”
Decision on Potrero power plant delayed [Examiner]

3 thoughts on “JustQuotes: Potrero Hill Power Plant Plan Paused (For A Week)”
  1. I think any step towards building a cleaner power plant is a good move. This could be an opportunity for SF to take the LEED (chuckle) in setting a good example, and promoting the green technology industry (that we *hear* so much about) here in the Bay Area.
    Fingers crossed.

  2. Runour is: There is a plan to cut the top 20 feet of the dome in City Hall and add a horizontal wind turbine to capture all the hot air coming from there. That will make up for the Potrero Hill plant.

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