2736 Broderick: Living
What can we say, we simply liked the overall vibe, tall windows and “balconette.” The only thing missing? A few of those views. Of course that wouldn’t have caught any plugged-in readers by surprise, and might help explain that wall of new “designer silk drapes.”
2736 Broderick: Drapes
∙ Listing: 2736 Broderick (4/3.5) – $3,625,000 [MLS]
Honey, What Happened To Those Views We Paid For? [SocketSite]

10 thoughts on “Vibe, Tall Windows And A “Balconette” (But A Little Less View)”
  1. Gotta say, the glass shelves in front (cap that word ‘front’) of the mirrors framing the fireplace really work from a design standpoint! If I had a fireplace I’d be gettin’ ideas. Scratch that, getting ideas anyway for that little aclove over the shelf above the quakeproof bracing . . . .

  2. I love this house! It is grand, yet warm and has a soft modern touches that work well with the traditional architecture — think European consulate.
    The other notes about the cottage are outdated. there is a new house next door which is almost complete.

  3. With $1M down (!), your loan amount is $2.6M, or about $26,000 per month with a wells fargo 30 year fixed loan. Property taxes would be 3600 and insurance and maintenance would run about $1K. You get a $4K per month tax deduction. That’s about $26K per month. Almost $1000 per day.
    $300K per year to live here? That’s a pretty big outlay in this economy.

  4. This is a very affluent area of San Francisco. This is a very unique home.
    I am definitely going to see this house, it is absolutely amazing, love the neighborhood, love the house.
    This house should be featured when there is the San Francisco home design tour! Wow.
    I agree, this is grand house and fantastic.

  5. ^LOL! No.. this isn’t my house although I did look at it when it was for sale. It’s totally unrecognizable now! It looks pretty nice for the most part, but the bathrooms look slightly dated. Right now I’m living elsewhere in Cow Hollow, and I still have my views!

  6. As a plugged-in tipster notes, after 12 days on the market it’s a quick $530,000 cut and repositioning (“Zen”) for 2736 Broderick. Now asking $3,095,000.

  7. Tipster: If you can afford to buy the house you are more likely to take a loan of $1.1m (maximum deductiable) interest only and pay the remainder in cash ($2m). So your monthly cost are $5775 in interest + ~$3k in taxes & insurance. You are losing approximately $6.6k in interest on the $2m if you look at tax free munis today (I used 4% but there are attractive 5% 15 year bonds right now). That is a total monthly cost of ~$15k. Assuming you aren’t hitting AMT, you can write off about $8k against income – say $5.7k if you are in the highest income bracket. This means the actual cost to live there is just under $10k/month or $300/day. Pricy – but not as bad as you suggest. Also this doesn’t account for any increase in value of the house if it occurs.
    This assumes you have money in the bank and only use the bank as a tax-savings vehicle, not everyone is so luckily but I’d hazzard most people looking above $3m are not trying to live beyond their means.
    All that said, I wouldn’t spend $3m on a house this size that doesn’t have a view.

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