The San Francisco Planning Commission voted 4-2 in favor of Supervisor Peskin’s Plan to ban the development of new (versus existing) spaces for restaurants and bars in North Beach. One requested “special exception”: the Pagoda Theater.
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  1. Posted by jamie

    I’d like to invite entrepreneurs to come on down to the public-transit hub of the Rincon Hill Neighborhood to open your cafes, restaurants, and other services. We welcome small businesses to our developing pocket of SoMa.

  2. Posted by cameronrex

    What exactly is the logic behind this? In Peskin’s World, what is going to happen to the vacant storefronts if ‘new’ restaurants and bars are banned? North Beach, last time I checked, is not really a shopping district. Its a restaurant and bar district.

  3. Posted by Dan

    This strategy has been tried, and has failed, in the Castro and in Noe Valley. It reduces competition for existing restaurants, allowing them to ossify, while increasing expenses for new restaurants, as they have to buy existing restaurants.
    The ban on new restaurants in the Castro helped spur the boom in restaurants around 18th and Guerrero and 16th and Valencia, and the ban on new restaurants on 24th St in Noe Valley helped spur the deverlopment of the Valencia and 22nd Street area restaurant boom as well as on outer Church Street. Meanwhile, the Castro, and 24th St in Noe Valley, have mediocre restaurants that inadequately serve their residents. In recognition of this, the Board of Supes voted this year to allow a limited number of new restaurants in Noe Valley beyond in existing restaurant locations. This new restaurant ban will continue the trend of North Beach as an extension of Fisherman’s Wharf, with mediocre tourist restaurants, but less and less of interest in San Franciscans.

  4. Posted by Dede

    Vote them and their ilk out of office in all districts. And vote in new supes who are reasonable and business oriented.
    Oh wait, I was dreaming as a result of a contact high I received while walking down the street….

  5. Posted by ireverent

    command economy=discourage restaurants
    what about housing for the employees that is at a sustainable distance
    realize that not the problem of the most contemporary business
    mega cities acolytes consider

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