Inside the California Academy of Sciences (Image Source:
The California Academy of Sciences (photos) officially opens its doors to the public this weekend with free admission on Saturday (9/27) and activities, performances and “green technology” demonstrations throughout.
Photos: Rebuilding Academy of Sciences no walk in park [SFGate]
California Academy of Sciences: Opening Weekend []

4 thoughts on “Go For The Architecture, Stay For The Amphibians”
  1. Who parks in the garages anyway? Don’t you know there’s FREE parking in the neighborhood?? (Shhhh don’t tell the Inner Richmond Neighbors Ass. :-)) Seriously, even if we can’t get a new Transbay Tower, Terminal, or even ORH2, this alone makes up (mostly) for all of our losses. I will definitely be there opening day, hooray ! GO SF!

  2. Editor, I love you, but this is boring and stuff we can read on Note the absence of posts. How does this relate to private real estate in SF, or larger scale plans such as the Eastern Neighborhoods or Market Octavia in terms of overall housing production?

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