“It sounds absurd, but the definition of a meal – and whether two or three appetizers count as one – is at the core of a 318-page proposal by Supervisor Aaron Peskin. The idea isn’t to argue the semantics of food, but to find a way to keep North Beach from being overrun by new bars and restaurants. The complex legislation would allow a restaurant or bar to replace one that’s closed. But it would prevent new ones from moving into now-empty storefronts.”
North Beach planning effort hinges on a meal [SFGate]

7 thoughts on “JustQuotes: Defining A Meal (And The Neighborhood) In North Beach”
  1. Great idea to restrict uses and let all the storefronts go vacant. It will make Columbus Ave. look great. God forbid a clean, successful restaurant generating tax revenue for the City and foot traffic for other retailers.

  2. Welcome to Disneyland! Sorry we’ve let the place get a bit shabby, but we’re still going to ensure that we have exactly the right mix of shops, restaurants, and boarded-up storefronts!

  3. Yeah, but I understand where he’s coming from. You have 2 lines in NB:
    – One is the shopping cart line you find in all of SF once the slope goes over 5%.
    – Another is the Sunday Morning barf line. Usually under 15% slopes. You’re welcome with a Pizza meets Beer meets Liquor dried contraption.

  4. why let citizens decide anything?
    I think we should just legislate everything
    SF can turn into a SUPER-HOA!!! hooray!
    I mean, we can choose for each neighborhood approved colors, approved styles, approved businesses, approved renovations, everything
    I think we should dip San Francisco in a big bag of wax, and preserve it just like it is for all time! Then it will be perfect, just like it was in 1967! hooray!

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