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A plugged-in tipster reports that the development of 1301 Divisadero (corner of Ellis) “seems to have started construction.” From our tipster:

On Sept 11, 2008 they received permits (#200805051285) to demolish the [Union 76 station]. No other permits have been issued for this site though. I’m going to assume that 76 just did a cleanup right now and they are waiting for clean Phase 1 until they start building.

It’s zoned NC2 and is sitting on a 12,891sf lot. If they haven’t petitioned for a height and density ordinance change, we’re looking at a 40ft building with up to 16 units.

PS: About 12 Chevron Shell stations are for sale in SF. 19th and Lincoln, Lombard and Laguna, California and Pierce and two on 3rd st. So there should be stuff popping up there soon, too.

As far as we know a variance was indeed in the works for 1301 Divisadero, 33 condominiums are on the way, and designs have been distributed (although we haven’t seen them). Readers?

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by bk

    We need an ordinance to preserve gasoline stations! How will drivers survive?

  2. Posted by anon

    ^^^You laugh, but there was an ordinance until about five years ago. Any place with a gas station could only be replaced by another gas station. Another wonderful 50’s law (like mandated 1:1 parking) that has helped turn SF from a nice pedestrian city into a snarling, congested mess.

  3. Posted by zzzzzz

    I’ve often wondered if the paucity of gas stations in SF is why gas prices are so much higher than in the ‘burbs. Captive audience and all…

  4. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    zzzzzz – Perhaps SF land is more expensive hence gas stations are paying higher leases and passing that expense on to the consumer.

  5. Posted by San FronziScheme

    Well, you can always drive to Daly to fill up. Not that it’s much cheaper anyway.

  6. Posted by Zig

    Speaking of gas station anyone know what is going on with two in the Mission which are shuttered: 23rd and Valencia and 19th and South Van Ness?

  7. Posted by Jake

    Actually the gas station ordinance is no joke; it is still on the books and still complicates (although does not prevent) redevelopment. In terms of the shuttered stations in the Mission, those have been in the development pipeline as housing for a while now, but I do not know if they are still moving forward given the turmoil in the financial markets.

  8. Posted by Binnings Team

    76, in addition to Chevron, must be selling off a lot of their spots. The station at Filbert and Van Ness was recently sold and supposedly condos will rise (unsure how high) in the future.

  9. Posted by SFer

    Errr, my mistake in the tip. Chevron already sold off many of their sites, Shell is the one that’s getting rid of those sites.
    In addition to the dozen sites Shell is getting rid of in the city, they have about a dozen more across the west coast for sale as well. But the bulk of them are here in SF. Although it’s uncertain at the moment, Shell will most likely get rid of more.

  10. Posted by sf

    The Chevron on Van Ness and Pine has got to GO! What about the 76 across the street from One Rincon?

  11. Posted by invented

    One down, 4 more to go on Divisadero.
    NOPA rising@
    And as the gas stations disappear, let’s hope bike lanes become better defined on Divis (a la Valencia).

  12. Posted by spencer

    i like the chevron at van ness and pine. although i am in favor of more development and density, we do have a dearth of gas stations in this city. I can understand why there is an ordinance to keep them.

  13. Posted by sf

    spencer- your car maniac mentality is pathetic. Perhaps you should move to Castro/ Lower Haight/ Duboce, there you will find 4 gas stations within 2 blocks on Market St, if you really feel your poor widdle car is being discriminated against. Of course, this isn’t surprising coming from you, the same guy who was whining that the new DPT development Better Have A Parking Garage, City Be Damned! I want to drive my car! ME!

  14. Posted by SFer

    spencer: Agreed about the Van Ness and Pine Chevron. It’s one of my favorites in the city (besides 19th and Irving, which is near my house).
    What would be nice to see is the stretch of vacant buildings along Pine go to something. But unfortunately AF Evans sold the entire side block (everything minus the Chevron) due to a deed restriction preventing them going up any higher than the current zoning permits.

  15. Posted by nicole

    Who did AF Evans sell the Pine property to?

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