San Francisco Cityscape: 9/26/08 (
A plugged-in tipster passes along a few shots of San Francisco rising (with room to grow). And a fresh perspective on Millennium Tower (real not rendered).
Millennium Tower Aerial: 9/26/08 (
Four Views From Atop San Francisco’s Topped-Off Millennium Tower [SocketSite]

16 thoughts on “San Francisco Rising And A Fresh Perspective On Millennium Tower”
  1. I can see that they have been lighting the crown for the past week, but it looks really dull from up here and I can’t make out what part is exactly lit up. Anyone care to enlighten?

  2. Sweet shots. Looks like someone had fun on a helicopter tour. The top photo really is a great angle of the City, and it also shows how ripe the area around the Transbay Terminal is for dense development. I’d like to see this same angle in 15 years.

  3. I actually really like the vertical uber-thin white pinstripe of Millenium, but I don’t like the glass of Millenium as much as I thought I would.
    regardless, it’s a nice addition to the area.

  4. Check out ALL the parking lots. And people claim that housing is expensive in San Francisco because “there is no more land”. When walking or driving around San Francisco, I am amazed how much under-developed land there is in the city.

  5. Justin,
    You are totally right! I think that all the time when I am in practically any neighborhood in the city, but especially in SOMA, Embarcadero, and Civic Center areas. We need to develop those ugly parking lots to increase the housing supply, which will, in turn, bring down the cost of housing.

  6. WOW…. amazing pictures! Thanks so much to whomever sent them in! its really amazing when you look at the Rincon Hill area between 1RH and Millennium and see how much is under developed. We all talk about how Soma/RH is being developed almost “too much” yet I cant believe the massive parking lots and un-used land in these pictures. I personally can’t wait to see what becomes of this area (also trans-bay terminal area) in the next few years. SF might be finally coming into its own. Very exciting. Also in response to “sf” the lights at the top are actually those of 555 Mission not MT. They are BRIGHT! Coming across the Bay Bridge last night in thick fog it stands out like crazy!

  7. Ryan + Jaime= I suppose it could be a reflection of 555 Mission’s crown off of the top of Millennium. I can see the skyline from my living room up near Twin Peaks and there is definitely a subtle white light coming from the to of Millennium, which wasn’t there before. I can see 555 too and it is a separate light. I don’t know whether it’s Millennium’s construction lights or not, could be.

  8. I live at king and third and look directly at Mil. They do have lights of some kind on at night on the top two floors. They seem like construction lights to me…

  9. Some of developing that space depends on what’s underneath – you can’t go too high up in the sky unless there’s something solid underneath to attach it too – at least not more than once every few generations.

  10. So the elitests who can afford helicopters can enjoy this design. The rest of us (renters/savers mostly) will have to enjoy blocking the promise of “bailouts” and letting this whole system collapse within the next few weeks. Why should gamblers/speculators/ARM/IO/liar-loan-con-men who made so much “free” money in the past few years be allowed to prosper at the cost of honest savers who tried to amass an honest down payment during the inflationary tidel wave of the past 5+ years???
    Hyperinflation is the most evil thing in our world. Hyperinflation ( aka 700+ billion) is a tranfer of wealth from the poor wage earning “savers” to the fuedalist “homeowners” who are nothing more than gambling debtors looking for easy money.)
    It will not work people. “Liquidity trap” is here.
    This post deserves its own topic I believe.

  11. I see that some people still don’t get the picture that if we add housing supply that eventually frees up those rentals in the foggy side of San Francisco or elsewhere, that’s gonna help everybody out. Besides, 35% of the Transbay-related housing will be below market rate/affordable …. Also, a lot of folks actually saved money instead of blowing their whole paycheck throughout their 20s and 30s in order to afford a nice home somewhere in SF … stereotypes are for dickheads.

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