1612 Vallejo
No real story that we know of (readers?), but it’s Friday and we simply couldn’t pass up the Colonial Revival façade. And yes, we’re choosing to ignore the buildings on either side.
∙ Listing: 1612 Vallejo (4/3) – $2,395,000 [MLS]

19 thoughts on “It’s Friday And We Can’t Pass Up A Pretty <strike>Face</strike> Façade”
  1. I often walk by this house and admire it, but wonder at its position. It is really close to the corner at Van Ness, and there are retail places right close by, not to mention the buildings either side of it. But it seems like a little jewel. Maybe if the price comes down a bit …..

  2. Oh God! The places next door are atrocious. You’d need tunnel vision to shell out 2.4M for this place. I’d be nauseous every time I pulled into the garage.

  3. What noearch said is right. I think Deconstructivism is the proper alternative, but strongly doubt anyone with two and a half million to spend for this would agree with me.

  4. This is a charming house, admired for years by the neighbors. There were legal notices on the gates during the last year or so, but I do not know the content. Perhaps an eviction. It is a terrific area, for many reasons, but as other posters have noted the adjacent buildings are horrible. Still there is another very nice house just a couple of doors east, next to the dry cleaners, and several across the street. Many of the buildings on this block, and around the corner on Franklin between Vallejo and Green have sold in the past couple of years. Whether it is worth 2.4 is doubtful, but it will sell, perhaps for less, perhaps to a family. There are many kids in the neighborhood, and this house is well insulated from the Van Ness and Franklin traffic.

  5. Charming house, with good bones, that needs updating. Price seems right to me, given the location and sf. The Colonial Revival label is correct as to the facade, but it was originally an Italianate house, ca 1870’s, and probably colonialized in the teens or twenties. Evidence of its original architecture is the carved white marble fireplace surrounds, robust interior door moldings, and the second floor bannister spindles. But still a very pretty facade where the Palladian window dominates the main floor.

  6. Went to an open house Sunday 10/12. Price is now $1.3 mil. Charming house with no renovations; small bathrooms and large kitchen all need upgrade. The best thing is 4 good sized bedrooms upstairs all have built-in sinks (dated) in the bedrooms, as well as 3 bathrooms total. Nice back yard. Owner died 3 years ago and house has been vacant since.

  7. I work for the stager who did this house. It only looks out of place because there aren’t others like it. It’s its two neighbors who are out of place! It surely needs some personality with some color, but it is spacious and beautiful inside. On a recent maintenance visit, once of the stupid girls who lives in the ugly apartment building next door blocked the driveway with her car. Good luck trying to get a hummer in that garage too!

  8. In Escrow. If it closes as asking, which it probably will not, it would be 760 psf. Prob closes @725 and $2M is my guess.

  9. Closed today at $1.875 or $679 per sq foot. And a cool 500k under its original asking price. Seem from the wsj feature that it was inherited by 4 quasi-unemotional sellers with only profit to split up. This is actually a pretty nice house for the money and the buyers here are pretty smart. Nice pick up. Interesting comp. Lousy neighbors!

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