175 Grand View Avenue
Five months ago 175 Grand View Avenue hit the market with a list price of $1,200,000.
Reduced to $1,149,000 a month later (“New price! Condo alternative!”), and then to $1,090,000 about a month after that, it’s now back on the MLS with a new listing, one official day on the market (average DOM statistics anyone?), and asking $995,000.
∙ Listing: 175 Grand View Avenue (2/2) – $995,000 [MLS]

13 thoughts on “One Day On The Market (But You Might Have Seen This View Before)”
  1. Same view that I have (I live a block away). A fantastic neighborhood, safe, quiet, hilly, right off of Market St. I have always been by this house and wondered what that star symbol on the facade stands for.

  2. @Foolio
    I think the main reason it’s languishing is the spiral staircase, that’s a deal-breaker for a lot of people from what I know in the purely anecdotal sense of knowledge.
    Personally, I hate the kitchen, looks like someone vomited granite all over it.

  3. That’s a very strange staircase… It seems to go fromm the upstairs directly to the middle of the master bedroom…with a single bar as handle, and the master bedroom has no doors?
    How do you get the furniture down?

  4. The worst part of the house is it’s location, literally. Backing out of your garage everyday is a major hazard. Cars zoom by at 35mph or more and cars driving up from 21st St. into Grand View Ave. This house is in a blind spot. BTW, I live a half a block away.

  5. Hey – I’m down with the spiral staircase into the master bedroom – only i’d add a strippers pole for some adult entertainment and pole dances. When’s the open house – I’ve got $$$ for lap dancing. Is this what they mean by real estate porn?

  6. piece of shit – ugliest kitchen – and other not so nice comments. All I have to say is “Its the city and someone will buy it”

  7. Yeah, I’ve driven this house many many times when I needed to go to Market from upper 24th while avoiding the Castro.
    When coming on GV/Hoffman from 22nd, the road splits in 2. One is levelled (N->S) and the other side is V-shaped. Everyone slingshots down at 30MPH+ to reach the other side.
    The problem is that it crosses 21st which has right-of-way. No stop signs and few newbies know that. I would hate to back off from my garage into this mess.
    They should put stop signs like the 3-street crossing GV/Hommann/22nd. They’re puzzling but they do the job most of the time.

  8. Its great that the listing agent reads all this constructive critism. The pics in the MLS have changed but the house is the same. You can only put so much lipstick on a pig -but at the end of the day its still a pig.
    BTW – when pulling out of the driveway use caution. They should get one of those huge round mirrors like they have on corners with blind intersections. Oh wait that would be admitting there is a problem with traffic out front.

  9. Fronzi — 21st has the right of way? How can you tell? I live around the corner and drive up 21st on my way to work every day. I definitely treat Grand View like it has the right of way.

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